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Considered the best known tourist destination on the whole Spanish coast, its countryside is home to impressive cliffs and headlands, but also green meadows and valleys covered with pine trees and shrubs, typical of the Mediterranean flora. Its famous skyscrapers, beautiful beaches with their clear water and lively atmosphere put Benidorm in the spotlight of travellers all around the world who will be able to have fun there in so many different ways.

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Located about 46 kilometres from Alicante, it marks the start of the Costa Blanca, an area full of spots of rare beauty. Benidorm has risen in the middle of this idyllic countryside sprinkled with white houses and tourist complexes, and thanks to its white sand beaches, clear waters and various types of organised activities, Benidorm is an ideal place for a family holiday. Poniente and Levante, the two main beaches in the city that extend along nearly five kilometres of the coast, are separated by a rocky headland that belongs to the old town of Benidorm which is filled with a peaceful atmosphere.

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From the “Balcón del Mediteranean” (“Mediterranean Balcony”), a lookout situated on top of an old fortress, you can enjoy some wonderful views that spread out over this tourist city. This is an extraordinary point that offers a spectacular view of the city, from the Levante and Poniente beaches and the nearby Benidorm Island. The city promenade, parallel to the Levante beach, skyscrapers and all the shops, restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream shops and nightclubs are all key features that are part of the heart of the city. Full of life and sun throughout the day, Benidorm has a lively nightlife in the evenings.

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