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Monday, December 11th, 2017

4 reasons to visit Valencia at Christmas

It is always a good time to discover this city, but December is especially beaming, so make time to plan the trip

VALENCIA. Christmas is always gleaming, but there are certain cities that shine with a special light. Valencia is a vibrant city, with bustling streets. There are not many places that can be enjoyed as much as Valencia. The Christmas spirit overwhelms its streets with many plans  for all types of public: enjoying music or the local gastronomy, seeing nativity scenes and going shopping are some of the reasons to visit Valencia on these dates, which conclude with a great New Year’s Eve party celebrated by all the locals.

1. Music everywhere

At these dates, you can listen to Christmas carols sung by choirs from all around the Comunitat Valenciana in the street.  Dozens of them will be spread throughout the historical centre in order to sing on the day of Nadal al Carrer (Christmas in the street), which will take place in Valencia on Saturday the 16th of December. For those who prefer to be indoors, the Palau de Les Arts premieres the new season with the very special presentation of Don Carlo, in charge of the Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo (9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st of December). And, if this were not enough, the Palau de la Música’s program will perform different Christmas concerts, including the great concert of New Year, which is celebrated on the 26th of December.

2. Nativities, street markets and circuses

The figures that represent the birth of Jesus are both a religious and artistic tradition. In Valencia there are many nativity scenes of great value, such as those exhibited in the Salón de Cristal of the town hall, the Catedral or in the neighborhood of Roca. There are also multiple street markets, such as the Feria de Artesanía de Navidad (Christmas’ Craft Market), the Christmas Market, the Mercado de Reyes, Pessebre and even the market stalls spread out though the City of Arts and Sciences. If you also have children, another classic way to finish your day is in a circus, such as Wonderland, Alaska or Gran Fele.

3. Tables with traditional dishes

Seafood, rice, stews and sweets are the main protagonists served during these dates, when the cokery book comes back to the traditional receips. Let yourself be carried away by the temptations of display windows, filled with polvorones (shortbread cookies) and turrones (a  traditional Spanish nougat). In addition, on the occasion of Christmas time, different restaurants offer special menus, with prices that range between 20 and 75 euros, including some of the most representative dishes of the local gastronomy: roes, cod, Christmas soups or a Valencian traditional stew, the latter is a Christmas Day alternative for those who are not willing to eat paella.

4. An extraordinary New Year’s Eve

If you still feel having more, you should know that the grand finale is the New Year’s Eve, when the Valencians get together to eat twelve sweet grapes and to wave goodbye to the year. But before that, on the 30th of December, takes place the San Silvestre race, where thousands of runners in costume gather. On the evening of the 31st of December, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento offers a free party, where the clock chimes of midnight are part of the lights and music show. And, donnot worry, because even though it does not snow in Valencia, there is an ice skating rink open all day installed until the 7th of January.

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