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Monday, October 7th, 2019

5 Essentials to Find a Property in Spain with a Sea View

Properties for sale in Spain with a sea view are the most idyllic places to relocate if you are considering living abroad. Before you embark on this process, however, we have identified five aspects you should take into account when looking for a new investment, whether a year-round abode or a holiday home.

There are many places in Spain where purchasing a home is truly worth it, and with the right real estate company on your side, you can turn this experience into a certain success. Not everyone can own a property facing the ocean and enjoy its turquoise waters or beautiful orange sunsets from their back garden. We want you to find the perfect estate, which is why we have compiled these 5 tips to help you achieve your goals and enjoy the luxury of a sea view from your new home.

1.     Find the Right Location: Where and Why?

The Iberian Peninsula has an extensive and varied coastline; some areas have more properties available close to the seafront than others, simply because they are better suited for it. The reasons for this are mainly geographically and climate-related. The north of Spain, for instance, has been sculpted by the Atlantic into a more rugged environment, even though it has beautiful beaches as well.

The eastern and south-western coastal areas have a milder disposition, which provides more opportunities for living closer to the sea. From a historical standpoint, the cultures living in these areas in the past, such as the Romans or the Moors, seemed to favour calm lifestyles, dedicated to trades such as agriculture, art or medicine. This is reflected in the way they planned their towns and the general outline of their buildings, many had open patios and well-decorated terraces to bask in the sunlight.

According to the General Notary Council, the areas in Spain where most properties are sold in Spain are the Autonomous Community of Valencia and Andalusia. It is not a mystery why, since these Mediterranean regions represent a perfect balance between a calm and peaceful environment and bustling cities brimming with life.

2.     Keep an Open Mind

Usually, we all know what we are looking for in a property, but every now and then we encounter one that surprises us for the better. When looking for a coastal home, perhaps it would be advisable to broaden our view; there are so many luxurious properties with different qualities that it would be a shame to put a limit on our expectations.

Some homes have a view of the sea, although they may be located a few miles away from it. Even if living next to the beach is the mainstream, popular option; going for a different choice has its advantages and could be the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart:

  • A property that is near a natural park might have a view of the sea and simultaneously offer the advantages of living in the countryside. The east coast of Spain is a paradise for those who enjoy birdwatching or fishing, for example. Imagine looking out your window and seeing a flock of flamingos flying towards the marshes.
  • The further away from the beach, the fewer people might stumble upon the property. One disadvantage of an abode by the sea is that it sometimes lacks Since beaches are public by law in Spain, anyone can access them without hindrance, which might turn into a slight nuisance for those living nearby. This would not be the case only a few more miles inland.
  • Another advantage of a property a bit further inland, in a mountainous area or in a secluded natural area, is a wider variety of options when it comes to free time activities, especially if you consider yourself rather adventurous. Some examples would be trail running, mountain bike riding, climbing, speleology or canoeing.

3.     Finding the Right Property Requires Diligence and Insider Knowledge about the Latest and Most Sought After Listings

Once you have decided where you would like to search for a house, it might not be easy to discover the most secluded and desired properties listed in the area. As in any other sector, some offers in real estate are not available to the general public, which is why we recommend finding agents who have access to more exclusive properties.

Some luxury estates that are for sale do not appear through regular channels, and the truth of the matter is, they are intentionally secretive to protect the privacy of the owners. Since we specialise in arrangements such as these, we can offer our clients access to very unique homes. In special situations, we could even negotiate the sale of a property that is not necessarily listed.

4.     The View Is Important, but What Else Should You Take Into Consideration?

When buying a house by the sea, the quality of the view itself is one of the main factors. After finding the right location, go over your checklist of the must-have luxurious features you desire to make sure the property fulfils as many as possible. If, however, you are looking for additional ideas, here are some of the most demanded characteristics that will make your property more attractive:

  • Enjoy the view from an infinity swimming pool as the water flows over the edge.
  • Relax and watch glowing sunsets from a spacious and partially enclosed front veranda.
  • Bask in the warmth of bright days while laying back on the exterior sun deck.
  • Choose a home next to a beach and walk directly onto the soft sand whenever you please.
  • Design and maintain your garden to complete the panorama: with indigenous trees and plants you can improve the view from your property.

5.      Combine the Perfect Property with a Sound Investment

Generally, investing in real estate is a great option, especially if the property value increases over time. In the right area, there may be potential for an expert revaluation in the future, and that is where an estate agent can be helpful. Whether the home you want will serve as a year round residence or just to spend your free time, a property located in an exclusive setting will always be a good investment.

During the last year, coastal residential areas have noted growth in market activity, which forecasts a steady increase in prices in most coastal areas in the near future. According to studies such as TINSA’s Informe de vivienda costa 2019 (Report about coastal housing in 2019), the Spanish real estate dip has begun to recover. This translated into a surge in prices this year in areas throughout the Mediterranean coast. Here we include some general information about the Valencian autonomous region:

  • Certain areas in Alicante saw a dip in sales due to Brexit, although it has been recovering steadily throughout the year and prices are estimated to increase.
  • Further north, up the Valencian coast, they have also experienced a rise in sales and prices, although more gradually.
  • Last but not least, the Castellon region: it has recovered more slowly than the others, but there is still an estimated slight increase in property prices, for example in locations like Benicàssim, Peñíscola or Sagunto.

BONUS TIP: Find the Right People for the Job

Besides finding options for our clients, real estate agents can go much further when doing their job, and at Rimontgó we take pride in the service we provide. The job of your agent should be to lift the load from your shoulders so you can focus on the important part: choosing an outstanding property with a sea view that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Feel free to contact us, we can address any concerns or queries you may have, no matter how big or small they may be.

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