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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Advantages of buying newly built properties

Newly built buildings entail functionality, superior qualities and, they are also energy-efficient which, in the long run, results in cost savings

It is true that old houses have more personality than new ones, with hundreds of stories hidden within its walls; but not everyone is interested in renovating a house neither can afford it. Although we are talking about a structure that is completely adapted to modern times, the fact of buying a newly built property brings with it a series of advantages that will take some beating. It is for this reason that, for those who are seeking the comfort of a house ready to move in, it is preferable to opt for newly built housing developments free of charges.

Payment facilities are some of the advantages of buying newly built properties, thanks to the direct contact with the builder. The schedule slack is greater from the purchase until the closing in order to plan the funding. Although, without a doubt, the most significant attraction is the building quality. We refer to newly built properties, without any encumbrance in the structure, as these are more likely to be technically superior to the old houses. Not only high quality materials are used in their construction but they also boast the latest technology regarding energy-efficiency, which results in future savings with respect to the housing maintenance costs. In addition, these properties can be bought in order to be used as a private property or to be rented.

We would like to present to you a real example: a residential building in Catarroja. It is situated in one of the best residential areas with transport links to the city of Valencia (only 8 minutes by car) and the properties range from 100m2 with three rooms to penthouses with a surface area of 162m2 with a living/dining room with access to two sunny terraces. All of them are equipped with air conditioning H/C, which have been installed bearing in mind the energy efficiency. Advantages include the communal areas and the adjacent private spaces, consequently these properties allow you to acquire a parking space and a storage room, something difficult in a historic building.

What do you miss the most? Tradition maybe? Do not worry. Buildings such as this located in Catarroja featuring neutral lines accept a modern or classic style décor. The furniture is, in essence, the personality of the living spaces; therefore, there is no need to renounce to elegance neither to the charm of the antique. And, above everything, buying a new house is a future investment. It is risk-free and a guarantee of happiness.



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