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Monday, July 8th, 2013

Alicante: the world turns to Aranea for the lastest in architecture and landscape innovation

Casa Lude (Ceheguín, Murcia) - Grupo AraneaGrupo Aranea is a multidisciplinary company located in the city of Alicante which has a lot of experience in fields such as architecture and landscaping. Aranea is made up of Francisco Leiva (architect), Antoni Baile (architect), Cristina Alesón (building engineer), Marta García Chico (agricultural engineer), Martín López (architect) y Prócoro del Real (architect).

In recent years, projects run by Aranea have received a large number of national as well as international awards, making the Alicante-based group a reference point for their particular fields of expertise. Read on to find out more about their most noteworthy projects.

The ‘Valle Trenzado’ (Elche, Alicante, Spain). Nominee for the Arquitectura Plus Awards 2013.

The project ‘Valle Trenzado’ aims to restore the Vinalopó riverbed at the point where it passes through the city of Elche (60 ha.) in Alicante. It is hoped that this will have a significant impact on the way of life of the town’s residents, as until now the riverbed has been deteriorating and acts as a barrier dividing the town in half. Aranea’s project will connect these two areas and facilitate a greater rapport between residents of both sides of Elche, as it is set to become a recreational area and meeting place.

Saline Joniche (Reggio Calabria, Italy)

El Valle Trenzado (Elche, Alicante) - Grupo AraneaAranea’s proposal to restore the Saline Joniche riviera, located in the Reggio Calabria region in Italy, was the winning project. The riviera covers a coastal stretch of approximately 4 km along the Messina strait near to Mount Etna. Saline Joniche has a high environmental value and has been damaged by a succesion of unsuccessful industrial development: the aim of Aranea’s project is to restore the landscape and the ecosystem of flora and fauna.

Casa Lude (Ceheguín, Murcia, Spain). Nominee for the Mies Van der Rohe Award and winner of the AR House Award of The Architectural Review

Casa Lude is an apartment located in the old town centre of Cehegín in Murcia. The property sits on top of the house of the owner and his family, which was once just a small bungalow. Casa Lude weaves together different spaces under the one roof of this two-storey building where natural light plays an essential role, whilst the terrace is a logical addition to experiment further with the idea of different heights.

For now, Grupo Aranea is taking on new projects including Alicante’s new environment observatory (observatorio de Medio Ambiente).

For more information about the Aranea group visit: http://grupoaranea.net/blog/

Photographs courtesy of Jesús Granada y Grupo Aranea.

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