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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Barcelona: Tourist Destination of Choice

Plaza Real - BarcelonaDuring the 1960s, Spain earned a name for itself as a top tourist destination and began to construct a multitude of seaside resorts along the length of the coastline. The success is undeniable ; in just ten years Spain became the world’s second most popular tourist destination, surpassed only by France.  These days, Spain is the fifth most popular tourist destination, with around 60 million tourists flocking to the country every year in pursuit of sun, sea, and sand.

Of the whole Iberian Peninsula, it is Barcelona that attracts the most tourists ; a figure estimated at around 14 million per year. It has all the winning features of a top tourist destination ; a big city (the 2nd largest in Spain) nestled between mountains and sea, all the while managing to avoid the over-crowded pandemonium typical of a city of its size.

Barcelona’s buildings carry the signature of Antoní Gaudi, legendary 20th century architect and advocator of Art Nouveau. This Catalan artist’s designs are characterised by his use of mosaic, a great example of which is the iconic salamander in Park Guëll, which has become a symbol of Barcelona.

Parque Guëll - BarcelonaEach area, both new and old, bear examples of Gaudi’s style and design. One such example is Vell Port, a shopping centre constructed on a pier. Furthermore, Barcelona is made up of a myriad of avenues that provide the perfect place to take a stroll, from the famous Ramblas to the magnificent seaside promenade.

However, the most attractive thing about Barcelona is the atmosphere to be found there. In addition to being a typical Spanish city with an abundance of tapas bars and restaurants, Its population is a true melting-pot, with residents coming from the four corners of the earth. Extravagance, gastronomy, and cosmopolitanism are just some words to describe Barcelona – and reasons why it is impossible to tire of the Catalonian capital.

So, where are you going on holiday this year?

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