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Friday, February 16th, 2018

The beauty of architecture

There are some houses that boast architectural uniqueness and are perfect examples of functionality and beauty working hand in hand

When the Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos of València (Association of Architects of Valencia) decided to select the best 50 buildings of the region, regarding the property sector between 2014 to 2016, this house in El Bosque was included. The house was also presented to the 2016 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards, rewarded buildings around the world. All this explains the prestige of this construction, of a modern style and straight lines, where concrete and glass, and stone and wood are combined.

It is an architectural project from 2014, carried out by Mano de Santo studio, which launched its business in 2006 under the management of the young architects Ana Gil, Francesc de Paula García and, later on, Francisco L. Miravete. The organisation unites different professionals, with multidisciplinary capacities and, is famous for other high-quality works such as, Casa Forment or, one of the most important R+D+I centres in the province.

This property is situated in the exclusive residential area of El Bosque, in the Valencian municipality of Chiva, a perfect example that demonstrates that beautiful architecture goes hand in hand with functionality. The house has a surface area of 450m2 arranged over three levels plus a basement. It is situated on the highest point on a 1,300m2 plot. This resulted in “a challenge and an incitement at the same time”, according to the project leaders, as it was necessary to correct a deep slope on the surface and, simultaneously, it was essential to preserve its mountain views.

The solution was to install two volumes, one of heavy concrete and the other of a light appearance that is positioned on top. In doing so, they state that “a certain flexibility suites the use of space and creates endless solutions for the public usages of the house”. While the lower part houses the communal areas, with glazed access to the garden and the swimming pool, the upper floor consists of five bedrooms, bathrooms and other private rooms. In the basement, there is a cinema room, a games room and a guest bedroom.

Moreover, it includes two exterior terraces, with a surface area up to 60m2, and an infinity pool, bordered by a garden and a picnic area. The breaking horizon is one of the characteristics that stand out the most, due to the impressive views from different angles and the breaking of boundaries between the interior and exterior, in such a way that the glass windows which allow to contemplate the mountain from the lounge’s sofa.

Functionality and beauty are cut from the same cloth, because the design always accompanies a certain lifestyle. “The spirit and the owner’s personality marked from beginning to end this project”, states Mano de Santo studio. It is for this reason that El Bosque enjoys a lively, non-conformist and unconventional character. The goal was “to add lived experiences and dreams to live”, something that awaits to the next owner. 


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