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Thursday, August 2nd, 2018


Kings and lords, but also monks and winegrowers, have written the history of this municipality, which enjoys a rich artistic heritage and deserves a stop along the way.

Rimontgó sells a manor house at the feet of the Castillo de Belmonte

A land of inheritance, an endless number of stories sink their roots in this place, where a proud castle rises on the hill of San Cristobal, on the outskirts of the village. Belmonte is a municipality in the province of Cuenca which, however, has its own entity due to its historical uniqueness. It also boasts an incomparable architectural heritage, with jewels such as the 15th century Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé, a magnet for many visitors. It has been the settlement of kings and the birthplace of lords, but also the home of abbots and winegrowers, who have taken advantage of its fruitful soil.

On the northern slope of the castle, there is a Castellano-Manchegan-style manor house, built in the late 90’s and renovated in 2008. It has up to 20,000m2 of extension and it boasts elegance. Rimontgó has the pleasure of selling it, located at the feet of a very special castle, which has hosted illustrious characters as Juan Fernández Pacheco (Marquis of Villena) or Eugenia de Montijo (empress consort of Napoleon III). Centuries later, scenes from mythical films such as ‘The Cid’, starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren, were also shot in the surrounding area.


Almost 100 kilometers separate Cuenca from Belmonte, not far from the border with the province of Toledo. The town itself is an epicentre in the area. In 1367, the king Don Enrique II of Castile decided to exempt Belmont from the jurisdiction of Alarcón and to grant it with the same status as the neighbours of the Castle of Garcimuñoz. Later, it became the judicial district of the whole region, as the main authorities were located there.

The castle, featuring a Gothic-Mudejar style, began to be built in the 15th century thanks to Don Juan Pacheco. It is very likely that the architect was Hanequín of Brussels, who also worked in the colegiate church, and that the works were continued by Juan Guas. The Gothic collegiate church of San Bartolomé therefore dates from the same period. It is built on top of a former Visigothic church and highlights the choir stalls or the baptismal font, where it was baptized Fray Luis de León. Other outstanding monuments in the area are the old fortress, which was in ruins for years, and has now been completely restored to be used as a country inn on the Route of Don Quixote, which crosses the village.

For all these reasons, Belmonte is a legendary land, and the beautiful manor house that Rimontgó sells. It has a plot that invites to the cultivation, with more than a hundred of olive groves and a beautiful organic garden, besides a comfortable garden with a swimming pool and barbecue. Inside, up to seven bedrooms and several communal rooms, with luxurious high-quality finishings. This increases its chances of becoming a unique settlement for rural tourism, so that those who sleep inside feel they are part of something bigger.

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