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Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Benissa: one of the Costa Blanca’s hidden secrets

Situated a few kilometres inland from Jávea and roughly 70 kilometres north of Alicante, the small town of Benissa is one of the Costa Blanca’s oldest, and its medieval centre has been meticulously maintained. Visitors tend to flock to the attractive Palacio de Torres-Orduña, which now acts as the town’s cultural centre and library.

Benissa is a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday or – as some have done over the years – settle permanently, since it is relatively close to both Alicante and Valencia, and all of their attractions, but also offers plenty of peace and tranquillity to those who wish to avoid big city life.

Visitors flock here during the spring, when the area is covered with a blanket of beautiful wild flowers, but amateur historians – particularly those who enjoy a touch of spectacle – would be well advised to arrive in late June. Like many towns in Spain, Benissa’s past was in large part defined by the battles between the local Christian population and invading Moors, and it is this conflict that is colourfully re-enacted in the annual Moors and Christian festivities. Unlike the original bloody clashes, this lively piece of street theatre is an excuse for the locals to don historical costumes and have a thoroughly good time.

Benissa itself lies inland, but the Mediterranean is close at hand. Those in the know enjoy spending the best days of summer at El Baladrar Cove, a beautiful beach protected from the easterly winds by rocky cliffs and natural vegetation.

One excellent way of exploring the coastline nearest Benissa is by sub-aquatic trekking, an activity that allows participants to explore some of the wonderful sea life that thrives in this part of the Costa Blanca. A total of six routes allow snorkelers to visit the underwater world, spotting and identifying en-route the creatures that they encounter, while also enjoying the fantastic scenery of this part of the world.

These sub-aquatic trekking trips take place from the following sites: Les Bassetes, La Fustera, Els Pinets, La Llobella, L’Advocat and El Baladrar Cove.

To find out more about Benissa and its coast, visit benissa.net

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