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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Castles are not only a fairy tale thing

While considering to buy a property, why not make your dreams come true

Castle-style house in Xàtiva

How many castles can you remember? Maybe the construction of Eilean Donan, hidden behind the mist of Scotland, also home to the Dunottar Castle which boasts an exceptional location. Classic examples are the Bran Castle in Romania, known as Dracula’s Castle, and the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, which everyone would say it resembles those from a fairytale, and other examples which don’t belong to the medieval age are the Japanese Himeji Castle or the Portuguese Palace Da Pena. There are Spanish emblematic buildings that also need to be mentioned, like the impressive Alcazar and the Coca Castle, both in Segovia, and the Olite Castle in Navarra. Let us be honest, how often have you dreamt about sleeping in one of them, going through its passageways or looking to the horizon from its towers? To own a castle is already possible.

Of course it won’t be one of the aforementioned, and it might not be as large as them, but if you so wish, there are properties featuring domes, merlons and stone walls, as some properties emulate features of the medieval era which transport us back in time. This rustic house for sale in Xátiva (Valencia), will make its owner feel like the lord of a territory, sought-after by all those who know how to appreciate the charm of the ancient design.

Cobblestone terrace

Located on the hillside of a mountain, the property enjoys outstanding panoramic views and a lush vegetation in the garden, arranged on a plot of 6.000 m2. The outdoor areas have nothing to do with conventionalism. Most of the flooring is paved with a classic style which stretches to the stairs and central patios decorated with statues of knights. However, the house doesn’t renounce modern conveniences like the private swimming pool, the barbeque area or the solarium, in order for its owner to feel as a noble of past times, but also the present times. Thus, the property does not offer the traditional stable with troughs, but you will find a large garage to guard luxury cars.

The two-storey house has a floor area of 300m2 and consists of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. While some of the rooms boast wood flooring and finishes, as well as high ceilings with exposed beams, others have preferred to maintain the cobblestone floors and walls, which create a homely atmosphere. The antique fireplace, which is still functioning, completes this atmosphere. It is, without any doubt, the perfect place to shelter from the cold by the warmth of the fire. You can also enjoy the good weather from the large terrace of 200m2 which you can access directly from the dining room and the lounges. The balconies have iron rails, besides towers, finished (of course) with merlons.

Stone fireplace

The singular properties always require a landlord that shares the same spirit. Those who dream about being medieval knights or princesses in their chambers can now sleep in the castle of their dreams. All of that for less than one million euros, a very economic price in exchange of making your fantasy a reality. While the castle will not be authentically of the era, you will certainly enjoy many more commodities.

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