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Monday, May 5th, 2014

Citania – A Coruña’s historic centre on your doorstep

Octopus sculpture - A Coruna promenadeEven if you’re not much of a walker it is good to know that from your apartment at Citania a one kilometre walk would not only take you into the beautiful historic centre and shopping district of A Coruña, but even across to the harbour with its marina and cruise ship terminal.

You see, though peaceful and leafy in its own immediate setting, Citania is located on a gently undulating peninsula that makes it possible to look out over the wide Bay of Orzán and its sandy beach, whilst also being within strolling distance of another expansive deep blue bay that culminates in a lively port.

In between you will find the charming historic quarter of A Coruña. Originally settled by ancient Celts, Iberians and Romans, and fought over by Spaniards, Englishmen and Frenchmen, it retains a wonderfully medieval feeling complete with quaint stone churches fronted by large Galician crosses mounted in the middle of intimate little squares.

It is also real community where people live in restored historic properties both grand and small, shop at local stores and enjoy the tavernas, tapas bars and café society of pretty plazas overlooking small parks and stylish white-plaster-and-stone buildings typical of the area. You will also find fine dining restaurants, elegant meeting points, antique shops and museums such as the Casa María Pita, dedicated to a very real medieval heroine and symbol of the city. All of this and much more at just a few hundred paces from your luxury home in Citania.

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