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Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Colonial style: when the style defines the home

The design that we choose for our home has something to do with our lifestyle, and this house in Santa Apolonia encourages us to spend a long while indoors.

Colonial-style villa in Santa Apolonia

Just as the classics always return, there are decorative styles that never go out of fashion, and one of them is the colonial style.  Houses with dark tones in which the wood has much prominence, provides warmth to both the large and the small spaces.   The good quality furniture is fundamental, and in many cases the pieces are antique, such as the display cabinets, bookcases or sideboard around which the room is centered.  Whilst this may well be a safe bet for many types of house (perhaps even modern ones), it is impossible to resist a villa surrounded by nature that opts for this interior design and is able to deliver the unmistakable feeling of home.

This is the case with this exclusive property, situated in the prestigious residential complex of Santa Apolonia (Torrente).  If its exterior appearance is already impressive, the decoration of its rooms would be even more so.  The house has five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a very spacious kitchen and a living room (40m2 and 70m2 respectively), as well as other rooms that make being at home even more special, such as a library and private wine cellar.  In all these rooms, the quality of the materials is emphasised, especially the windows, doors and the exposed beams made from English wood, a material which combines with the grand furniture.

Bedroom in Santa Apolonia

When someone opts for a branded decorative style, they are actually building a home according to their lifestyle. The colonial air invites residents to spend time in the interior of the house, either by quiet moments of reading, or cooking on a traditional lifetime worktop; either looking for privacy or accompanied by other family members in the living room.  The interior warmth is appreciated, even in a city with as good weather as Valencia, but it can also be complemented with life outdoors as spring approaches, since colonial houses usually have a spectacular garden.

This is the case with the Santa Apolonia villa, which enjoys a 6.000m2 plot, probably one of the best in the estate.  Even though it is situated in an elevated spot in the hills, which lends itself to privacy, it alternates with some very useful flat areas and boasts a stunning garden which is perfectly maintained.  In this garden there is a private well, with license from the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation, which supposes a huge advantage for resources.  As well as being physically beautiful, this private water source allows considerable supply savings.  Ultimately, it has a series of characteristics that award it a unique comfort and special quality of life in Valencia.


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