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Friday, February 21st, 2014

Citania, A Coruña – What’s on your doorstep…

Citania, A CoruñaThe advantage of owning a stylish property within the inner part of an attractive and lively city is that you have so much close at hand. Though situated within a peaceful residential enclave right on the edge of commercial centre and historic quarter of A Coruña, the exclusive apartments of Citania are a perfect example of this.

From within the highly varied and stylish apartments you enjoy wonderful views over the city and the Bay of Orzán, yet this complex with its elegant communal areas and private indoor pool, gym and spa enjoys a sense of peace and seclusion normally not found this close to the beating heart of a city.

Step out of your front door and you find yourself on the threshold of a world of options and possibilities, most within walking distance. Nearby are, for instance, schools, shops, clinics and the offices of all manner of professional services, but just a short saunter down the street and to the right will take you to an area dotted with charming traditional adegas, or tavern-style restaurants that are rich in ambience and even richer in gastronomic appeal.

Ranging from traditional to modern in their interpretation of Galician and Spanish cuisine, they are also popular spots to meet up for a drink and occasionally accompanied by live music. Just down from the apartments is the Hotel Meliá María Pita, whose impressive architecture mirrors some of the features that make Citania look so distinguished. Pass these elegant landmarks and you come to the Avenida Pedro Barrié, the beginning of the sweeping road that follows the contours of the bay parallel to the broad beachside promenade that’s so popular with joggers, dog-walkers, cyclists and those out to enjoy the views.

Citania apartmentsIn summer the large sandy beach fills with sunbathers and surfers, whilst the deep blue of the Bahía de Orzán takes on an almost turquoise hue. During this time of year it will be hard to tear yourself away from the fine golden sand, but it is well worth hopping on the little trams that run along the bay to the ancient Roman Torre de Hércules, which overlooks the Atlantic from a position surrounded by parks and greenery.

Also within a short stroll on this side of the bay are the Aquarium Finisterrae and the Museo Domus, an interactive anthropological museum whose restaurant is not only renowned for panoramic views across the water, but also for its seafood specialities. Having travelled maybe a kilometre in a north-westerly direction, you haven’t even scratched the surface yet, not to mention the football ground of Deportivo La Coruña, the Art Nouveau houses of the Ciudad Jardín and the sprawling complex of parks and monuments from where a stunning panorama of the city and its coastal inlets overwhelms the senses.

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