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Thursday, March 6th, 2014

The Citania residence concept

Citania residence A CoruñaThe luxury apartments of Citania, situated near the cultural and commercial heart of the city of A Coruña, were created around the concept of the residence. Classical in nature, the residence grew up in early metropolises such as New York, Paris and London, where rapid growth and high land values coupled with technological advances meant city centre development was going upwards – quite literally.

New construction techniques and the birth of the modern elevator allowed many more storeys to be added in the second half of the 19th century, eventually resulting in the skyscrapers that first appeared in Chicago and New York and now feature so prominently as corporate offices, grand hotels and even luxury apartments in cities around the world.

At a time when people with professional and commercial interest needed to be near the vibrant city centre during the working week, the residence enabled them to recapture the elegance, privacy, security and comforts of the luxury villas that were now banished to the countryside, where they formed the weekend homes of the wealthy.

The residence may not have been able to offer the space, views and low densities of villas and country homes, but instead they formed luxurious city pads surrounded by the excitement, culture and diversions of a big city. Many had impressively dressed doormen, who held the door for guests and visitors as they stepped from the lively city street into a world of opulence and tranquility.

Here the reception area would be covered in richly veined marble decorated with mirrors and decorative lighting. Attentive staff would provide a concierge service that arranged everything from shopping and deliveries to babysitting, dry cleaning and booking tickets for the theatre. It was an atmosphere of elegance transported into the modern world, as a lift operator whisked you up to your floor in style.

Arriving on your landing, your feet would sink away in thick, plush carpets or resound upon elegant marble tiles before you entered a home designed to offer all the comforts and style of a villa combined with the convenience and downtown location of a city abode. Spacious rooms with tall ceilings, detailed cornices and large windows formed the setting for the finest furnishings and décor of the day.

 Luxury apartments Citania, A CoruñaHere there were reception rooms, private chambers, a large professional kitchen and maid’s quarters – all with a stunning cityscape view to match. Citania was created around exactly this principle, and while it offers modern facilities and amenities, the luxurious apartments that form this unique residence in the heart of A Coruña are built upon the same foundations of comfort, style, elegance and service as the classic examples that continue to count among the finest addresses of cities like New York, Paris and Madrid.

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