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Friday, November 9th, 2012

Country life + modern style = perfect home

This fantastic modern villa in a peaceful countryside location near the beaches of Jávea, Costa Blanca, has recently been reduced in price to €995.000 – see our video for a closer look.

Superb Javea luxury villa for saleIf you’re in the market for a villa, the choice is usually between the convenience and comfort of a modern home in the suburbs, or the rustic charm of a country property. A decent villa will always be set upon a sizeable piece of land that offers privacy and a certain degree of tranquillity, but for many who crave the natural sights, sounds and rhythms of the countryside the compromise made to easy access to shops, schools and jobs is a hard price to pay.

Such people are often told that the idea of living on the land is a sweet and romantic notion, but one that is hardly practical in modern life. Isolation, difficult access and all manner of maintenance issues can make the country option a demanding one, especially for working families with children that are not actually engaged in agriculture or other rural pursuits. What’s more, if you like the country life but prefer modern styles to rustic ones, your options may be limited.

Perfect ingredients

There are, of course, exceptions to such generalisations, and some places enjoy such a happy confluence of geographical features within a relatively small area that they are able to offer not just a great diversity of sights and places to visit, but also a wonderful variety of real estate opportunities and lifestyles. Happily, the little town of Javea on the Spanish east coast is just such a place – a fact that accounts in large measure for its ongoing popularity as a favoured spot to live.

Javea villa for sale with views of Montgo mountainThe old town of Javea is a beautiful historic country town at the edge of a fertile agricultural valley ringed by mountain ranges and pine forest, all of this within close range of a sweeping bay washed by the waters of the western Mediterranean. This diversity of landscape gives Javea its character, and it also forms the basis of the town’s unusually broad choice of residential areas and lifestyle options.

One of best reflections of this variety is the valley itself. Once an intensively farmed area dotted with little farming cottages it has always had a strong connection with the town of Javea itself. While it is still possible to seek relative isolation on a large farmstead on the inward side of the valley, many locals and foreign residents alike have chosen to settle near the edge of Javea, thus creating small communities with all the charm of country village life yet within a few minutes of the shops, schools and other services of Javea.

A modern home in a rustic setting

The proximity to the town and indeed such facilities as beaches, golf courses and the lively seaside promenades notwithstanding, these little hamlets enjoy the true serenity and beauty of country life combined with the ease of modern-day facilities. Some of the old families continue to farm their plots, their hens and goats adding to the soundtrack of the country as others have lovingly restored rural cottages to their former glory or built comfortable modern homes.

Modern villa in Javea Costa BlancaOne such home, ensconced within a private close surrounded by orchards and fields, has all the trappings of a modern residential villa, but with so much more to offer. Enter through the modern gate and a stylishly designed architectural house opens up before you. Though spacious, the grounds are designed with easy maintenance in mind, balancing attractive lawns and tall trees with a striking Japanese garden with exquisite bonsai shrubs and trees.

The modern front door in solid wood leads the way to a cool central hall that offers efficient access to the various parts of the home without the need for long, narrow corridors that eat up space. The light of a modern stained glass window plays upon the cool marble as you look towards a minimalist Italian kitchen and breakfast room with views to the garden. Straight ahead is the living area with a spacious and easy-flowing distribution between dining room and a breezy living room that looks out over the terrace and swimming pool.

Follow the stairs up to the chrome-railed gallery on the first floor and you come to two spaciously set bedrooms with built-in dressing room and modern bathroom. The main suite does its name proud, with an impressive walk-in closet area and the kind of bathroom found on the pages of architectural magazines. From this elevated position the vistas are across the garden and surrounding orchards to outlying hills and the pretty town.

Though fitted with every imaginable modern comfort, from under floor heating and climate control to so-called Domotics system that allows you to regulate security, irrigation, lighting and shutters at the touch of a button, the most attractive of this home’s many charms is its setting within an environment that offers exceptional quality of life. The large terrace with its modern decking and stylish swimming pool is evidence of this lifestyle, which focuses on the outdoors for a large part of the year and is simple made for entertaining.

The far end of the pool area therefore features a typical covered area with in this case not the BBQ you might expect but a typical local wood-burning oven. While perfectly suited to making crisp pizzas, the ovens are traditionally used in the preparation of local cocas, a smaller version of the classic Neapolitan dish that is filled with peppers, aubergine and anchovies before being folded double in the style of a calzone. With such delicacies on offer one can imagine that the little guest cottage is permanently occupied.

For a closer look at this remarkable modern home, view our video by clicking here.

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