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Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

The cultivation of olive trees, final call for investors in villas

Sa Era is a very special house, located in the heart of Sierra Tramuntana, which not only embellishes the natural environment in which it is situated, but also makes the most out of oil production

In recent years, the luxury property market opts for properties that, as well as being a home, also offer an added value to the buyers in other ways.  It is what happens with wineries and vineyards distributed over Spain, which have become an interesting line of investment. This also happens with unique properties such as Sa Era, where profitability can be obtained through the production of oil by means of its olive trees.

We have previously talked about Sa Era, a beautiful estate, located barely 30 minutes from Palma de Mallorca and in the heart of the boundaries of the Sierra Tramuntana, which emerges from the mountain as if it forms part of the landscape. The mountain range of the Balearic Islands is declared a UNESCO Heritage site and welcomes varieties of unique plants from all over the world. This property emulates this natural wealth, flaunting its garden of cypresses, bougainvillea, rosemary and lavender, but particularly olive trees which produce oil. This characteristic attracts, not only cultivation enthusiasts, but also possible investors.

All of this demonstrates the importance of integrating the house into nature and looking for mutual benefits, something which buyers of similar assets really take into account. Rimontgó has different properties in which oil production is an additional appeal for the potential buyers, as is the case of Los Olivos of Fontanars (The Olive Tree Property)  in Terres dels Alforins, which assigns more than 50,000m2 of land to the cultivation of olive trees and vines. Also, wineries distributed by other designations of origin, such as Ribera del Duero or Utiel-Requena, identities which are completely confidential, but which combine vine with olive tree.


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