Where? (Location)
Friday, August 18th, 2017

Dream pools alongside the sea (2)

Where is the limit between land and water, between water and air? You merely need to bath in a sweet pool with views to a salt water bay to discover it.

Blue is the colour of the horizon and that of water, at least with the reflection of the sky, as it happens with the sea. With the same description for pools, thus bestowing the colour of summer. That one you will surrender to bask in the summer afternoons, where time doesn’t matter, but only the space you have chosen. The more blue, the more relaxing. There are places where the chromatism is more impressive, capable of absorbing whomever gazes upon it, transporting them to another realm. Blue is the colour of freedom, of no boundaries. In the following properties there are no borders, not even between land and water, nor between water and air. They are luxurious villas, located in Jávea (Alicante), where you will discover the perfect match between sweet and salt water. The decision of which one to dive into depends on scarce meters.

The endless summer

Upon leaning over the railing, a large infinity pool awaits, surrounded by an ample 1,000m2 garden with a vast variety of Mediterranean vegetation. Looking beyond, nature in all its splendor, with the mountains guarding the sea of Torre Ambolo in Jávea. In this Mediterranean style villa the coastal views stand out. There are those that grant harmony to a 3,200m2 plot where the three storey villa is situated. Amongst its attractions, the high ceilings with wooden beams and a spacious dining room, as well as a gym, showers, a sauna, an indoor pool and a living room with an open plan kitchen. It also includes a fireplace, as when summer comes to an end, you will want to continue gazing into oblivion.

Delight your senses

An elegant living room with marble floors and large windows that access the main terrace; a fully equipped kitchen with high-end electrical appliances; a wrought iron staircase that ascends to infinity; a master bedroom with a dressing area and a complete en-suite bathroom with access to a terrace. These are only some of the conveniences of this luxury property, which is especially attractive for its exterior. Located on Portichol beach, it stands on a 1,981m2 plot with breathtaking views to the bay of Jávea. The overflowing infinity pool is found on the terrace, next to the fully equipped barbecue area, so that the summer nights will be an explosion of senses.

The human thing and the natural thing

The straight forms balance perfectly with the horizon line, in particular when it is well defined by the skyline, another by nature and lastly by a pool. We are found with  modern style house that flaunts, at the same time, the proximity of Montgó natural park, golf courses and the town of Jávea. It has a southern orientation and large windows, receiving abundant amounts of natural light throughout the day and boasting unparalleled panoramic views of the valley and the Mediterranean Sea. The rest relies on stone, concrete and glass, that not only maximises the size, but illustrates a minimalistic design to the property. Nature in its essence, refined by the human hand.

A dock at your doorstep

The port, that space of welcome and farewell, that mooring of spectacular boats, now dominated from your bedroom. A possible fantasy for the owner of this house with views to the bay of Jávea, that is also surrounded by ample terraces, in order to contemplate twilight that can transform into an almost artist spectacle. In this case it is possible to sit in the lounge, even in the dining room, to revel in the views to the pool of translucent waters thanks to the glass, transparent walls. Upon the other side of the railing, the dock, with the indefatigable coming and going. Located on an ample 1,930m2 plot in Cuesta San Antonio, the property is surrounded by all amenities and it is the perfect solution if you want to sail all year round.

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