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Thursday, June 14th, 2018

EDEM’s 15×15 course with the participation of Rimontgó comes to an end

The 13th edition of the programme ends with a presentation from Jordi Gual, chairman of CaixaBank, and the presence of 800 businessmen in the closing ceremony

Class of 2018 15x15

The 15×15 course by EDEM Business School is a prestigious programme which has trained over 450 executives since 2006 and has finalised its 13th edition, which team members of Rimontgó have participated in again. The closing ceremony took place on 1st June in the Palau de Les Arts, and held the talk by Jordi Gual, chairman of CaixaBank. At the ceremony more than 800 businessmen gathered together, including executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs from different sectors and regions, who share an interest in strategic business.

Various people from the management at Rimontgó, a company leader in the luxury real estate sector within the Valencian Community, have experienced said studies throughout the last twelve editions. This latest course has been the turn of the Office Manager in Valencia, Cristina Martínez, the person responsible for investment and private sales at Rimontgó since her incorporation into the company more than 10 years ago. Telecommunication Engineering for the Polytechnic University of Madrid and MBA for the Business Institute has occupied different management positions in other companies and has closed important property transactions, as well as on an international level. She has also advised to clients in their investment in New York, London, or Berlin.

The close collaboration between EDEM, the consultancy firm Bo Growth, and Rimontgó has also, for the first time,  encouraged the organisation of a study trip to Silicon Valley. The initiative, which took place in April, was especially promoted by Antonio Ribes, co-director of Rimontgó, and Isabel Bonilla, CEO of Bo Growth, both alumni of the course. The travellers could get to personally know the successful cases of Salesforce, HP, Google, and Apple.

Business Flexibility

During the closing ceremony, the chairman of CaixaBank, which is one of the 26 companies in the EDEM Board, enhanced “the importance of the digital transformation”. Jordi Gual focused his talk on “the adaptation to the changes”, which to his mind is “one of the elements that characterises successful professionals”, and urged the attendants to be “flexible, agile in their response, and have an ambitious vision of the future, without forgetting the continuous learning”. “The future will be of those organisations that are flexible, who not only adapt to change but who anticipate it and who are involved in it. The developments and technological advances are fundamental but, above all, it is essential to have a good team of professionals”, he stated.

Furthermore, tribute was paid to Paco Pons, who passed away last January, and who was the chairman of EDEM in the year of its establishment, and vice chairman of the school for 13 years. Hortensia Herrero and Juan Roig, honorary chairpersons of EDEM, who were accompanied by Manuel Palama, vice chairman, and Antonio Noblejas, general director of EDEM, had some kind words to say about Paco Pons. Juan Roig reminded the attendants that EDEM wanted to continue to grow in the training of businessmen: “We have more than 2000 students each year at EDEM and we are accelerating at the moment to 115 businesses in Lanzadera, but we need there to be more”, he concluded.

The 15×15 course has the aim that, through the experiences and the business models explained by the faculty, the participants learn about strategy, business management and leadership. The edition that has just finalised has counted on its faculty with Luis Aires, chairman of BP Spain; Carlos Bertomeu, executive chairman of Air Nostrum; José Ignacio Goirigo Izarri, chair man of Bankia; Amuda Goueli, CEO of Destinia.com; Pilar López, chairwoman of Microsoft Spain; and Enrique Lores, chairman of HP Imaging, Printing & Solutions, amongst many others.

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