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Monday, November 30th, 2015

The last EREN Conference presents the benefits of digital marketing

EREN members - Annual Conference 2015 in Lugano

The last edition of the EREN (network of real estate consultants dealing with exclusive residential property) International Conference took place in Lugano, Switzerland from the 5th to the 7th of November. The days benefited from the presence of Guifré Homedes representing the company Amat Immobiliaris, a well-renowned and internationally prestigious Catalan company and EREN’s most recent new member. During these days, each member had the opportunity to share their current vision of the upmarket real estate market, as well as a selection of exclusive properties that are completely confidential. This information will be soon analysed and included in a report by EREN that will faithfully reflect the current state and future expectations in relation to the luxury European real estate market. Likewise, it explained to those in attendance the new services that EREN will provide in due course to the full members of the platform, included amongst them its marketing services and relationship with media.

Eric Bryn during the 2015 EREN Conference

One of the main parts of this meeting was the presentation of changes relating to the new EREN website, made by Eric Bryn, Managing Director, and Ignacio Artagoitia, the person in charge of the Information Technology team at Rimontgó. Bryn and Artagoitia in front of those in attendance unravelled the key points of this website that has relied on a complete renovation of its architecture, design (now responsive) and work with its digital positioning, taking into account that the high quality search engine, Google, performs at least a thousand changes a year that directly affect users’ searches and the positioning of websites. Another of the questions previously analysed was the fact that the EREN website wouldn’t resort to payment strategies to improve its positioning when in the real estate sector an average rate of 50% of this movement is through payments. On the contrary, the best reflections on the performance of the EREN website owe themselves simply to the pure work of digital marketing, which accounts for the effort invested in this renovation.

Eric Bryn and Ignacio Artagoitia

Bryn and Artagoitia underlined some interesting pieces of information that directly affect the EREN website, like the fact that 40% of trade comes from mobile devices, or that 70% of searches are assigned to the entitled “long tail”, that’s to say, very specific searches that offer the best leads to EREN members. In relation to this, various searches appeared in different languages in which the EREN website is published, a clear advantage over its competitors. During the meeting various pieces of information were also provided that show the best patents in just a few months, now that the new website was launched at the start of August. For example, the number of websites viewed per session has increased by 70%, while the duration of each session has increased by 125%. The bounce rate has gone down 30% while the conversion ratio has been lifted by 110%. This information demonstrates the extremely beneficial balance of EREN’s stake through the development of digital marketing. An extensive policy for its members, as is the case with Rimontgó, that has also recently carried out a complete renovation of its international websites.

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