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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

EREN discusses the current European real estate market at their annual conference

EREN conference 2017 - Kitzbühel

All of EREN’s member companies gathered in the Austrian city of Kitzbühel at the end of April, for the annual conference held to evaluate the progress of the network but to also analyse current trends in the exclusive real estate sector.

EREN, of which Rimontgo is a founding member, consists of 13 real estate companies, specialising in high-end properties, belonging to seven European countries. This time, it was the turn of Gornik Immobilien to host the event, where the participating companies had the opportunity to discuss the possible incorporation of European companies.

The meeting in Kitzbühel also focused on ways in which one could strengthen the relationships between member companies. Each of the participants had the opportunity to present a report to the rest of the group on the exclusive real estate market in their respective countries, allowing all of those that attended to leave with a well-rounded view of Europe’s current luxury real estate market.

Rimontgo, contributed greatly to the annual gathering, thanks to participation from Jose Ribes, CEO of the company, and Ignacio Artagoitia, head of Rimontgo’s IT department, who gave a talk where he analysed current digital marketing trends. To finish, Artagoitia showed the members EREN’s new internal administration system, developed in Valencia by Rimontgo’s tech team.

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