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Friday, July 1st, 2011

EREN takes it to another level

Since its foundation in November 2004, the European Real Estate Network (EREN) has established itself as an organisation that stands for quality and excellence. International cooperation and the highest standards are at the heart of its creed, and so EREN has become a reference point for luxury real estate in Europe and the partner of choice for similar organisations around the world.

Frankfurt am Main Central Business District skyline at dusk

At the annual strategic meeting, hosted by Von Poll Immobilien, in Frankfurt in October last year, the members however decided that the stage had been reached for EREN to evolve to the next level. With its structure as an association of leading real estate firms in Europe, the emphasis has been on establishing credentials built on shared principles of longevity, service, integrity and the expertise that makes EREN’s member agents leaders in their home and regional markets.

Now, however, it has been decided to relinquish the association structure in favour of a more professional organisation that will be aimed at expanding EREN’s presence in more countries, regions and cities across Europe. Association President, Mr. José Ribes Bas, presented the business plan for the transition period in Frankfurt together with Mr. Peter Marshall of Marshall Immobilien in Vienna, and Mr. Marco Argentieri of Cofim in Verona.

“If anything, ensuring standards are maintained will be more important than ever”

U. Schnorf. EREN Director

A new phase of expansion

EREN Headquarters at 33, St. James’s Square. London.The new structure will allow EREN to grow, yet its members are totally committed to maintaining the standards achieved so far. “We remain true to our creed in terms of the quality of service, expertise and ethics that define EREN,” said Mr. Ueli Schnorf of Wetag Consulting in Lugano, Switzerland and new Director of EREN. “These are qualities that mark us out as an organisation and we have no intention of watering them down.”

The growth will result in a numerical and geographical expansion of EREN, yet it will be set against the same stringent criteria as ever. “If anything, ensuring standards are maintained will be more important than ever,” said Mr. Schnorf. “The challenge for us will be to combine growth with quality as we expand into new territories and continue to forge international ties. This is an exciting new phase for the organisation.

“Ultimately, EREN’s ambition is to be the leading luxury real estate organization in Europe”

G. Bracco. EREN Director

More powerful marketing tools

The flexibility and efficacy of the European Real Estate Network will be further enhanced, as will the power and range of the tools at its disposal. One of the most powerful of these is the EREN website (www.europeanrealestate.org), which features European-wide content as well as a selection of the finest luxury real estate on the continent.

Languages used by EREN website visitors. Total of 88 languages.Specialists from across Europe provide information, advice, best professional practice procedures and news from their own regions, concentrating local know-how in one of the most userfriendly and authoritative luxury property websites available. The websites and their accompanying interactive blogs are available in English, Italian, Spanish, German and French. In addition to the many individual members’ offices in cities across Europe, meanwhile, we have opened a central EREN office at London’s prestigious St James’s Square.

“The means at our disposal are growing,” says Mr. Giancarlo Bracco of Immobilsarda in Sardinia, now on the Board of Directors alongside Mr. Ueli Schnorf of Wetag Consulting and Mr. José Ribes Bas of Rimontgó in Valencia. “We have received first-class advice and representation from the London law firm Corren Troen –www.correntroen.com-, who assisted in the transition from association to a London established professional organisation and who are our legal representatives.”

This new evolution of the European Real Estate Network will be further ratified and further plans outlined in the organisation’s annual gathering in Geneva, in September this year that will be hosted by CGi Immobilier. “Ultimately, EREN’s ambition is to be the leading luxury real estate organisation in Europe, combining quality with European-wide presence and punch,” says Giancarlo Bracco, “and that is what the new plans are aimed at achieving.”

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