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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Four restaurants to enjoy Javea’s gastronomy

The capital of the Costa Blanca is a unique gastronomic place, offering a good local product and a wide culinary variety

Summer is here, and with it the days of procrastinating, getting swept up in to the mild temperatures, the comfortable beach chairs and the fine cuisine, what better place for it than the Costa Blanca? The municipality of Jávea is a privileged place, located in the northern part of the province of Alicante, and in the epicentre of La Marina region, in addition to being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts unique coves, a great cultural heritage and a wide range of leisure activities, which of course covers all aspects of restaurant business and gastronomy.

The recipe book benefits from the good coastal product, thanks to fresh fish and seafood, while enjoying a nearby orchard, with quality vegetables. Also, the talent of excellent chefs who not only underpin the traditional recipe book, but who dare to take it a step further for the pleasure of the diner. The time has come to talk about food in Jávea, which is enjoyed in Michelin-starred restaurants, or in the most unexpected and casual spaces, such as the bars.

First-class restaurant

BonAmb. The most special one of the Costa Blanca. This two Michelin-starred restaurant is located in a unique setting, specifically at the feet of the Montgó. In charge of it we find two expert restaurateurs, chef Alberto Ferruz and maître Pablo Catalá. Its offer includes the most typical products of the area, from fish to the famous red prawn from Dènia. It also has a very special winery, which houses more than 800 wines.

El Rodat. The name of Nazario Cano defines the essence of this prestigious one Michelin-starred restaurant, which bases its gastronomic offer, especially, on quality fish. The perfect combination between tradition and future makes this proposal an experience for all the senses. Moreover, as it is located in a hotel, it allows you to enjoy experiences such as the comfort of the rooms, a walk through the gardens or the Spa Wellness.

Tables & bars

Tula. A restaurant that has made possible to be located on the frontline of the Arenal beach, without having to base the gastronomic offer on the traditional rices. Seafood products and also meats and recipes elaborated with new techniques, are served here, which they are also combined with Peruvian dishes. Tula is the commitment of two disciples of Quique Dacosta, Borja Susilla and Clara Puig, of whom one thing can be said above everything: they are so brave.

Bar Mercat. A secret that deserves to be revealed. This is a very popular place among the locals in the area and, according to legend, it serves the best breakfasts and lunches. Very large toasts, generous in the ingredients, which are also accompanied by cocas (a typical Valencian dish) and pasties, or natural juices with a great variety of fruits. Another of its privileges is to be located in the middle of the Mercado Municipal of Jávea, temple of the seafood product.

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