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Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Lugo, Galicia: Spain’s hidden gem

Roman walls of LugoLugo is a small city situated in the Spanish autonomous region of Galicia, in the north western part of the Iberian peninsula. It is surrounded by lush, green countryside, yet enjoys relatively dry summers.

What Lugo is most famous for, however, is its UNESCO protected Roman walls, being the only city in the world that is entirely encompassed by such ancient structures, which it is impossible not to be in awe of.

Dating back to the third century they embrace the picturesque town, enabling you to walk along them as you appreciate it from a perfect vantage point. The walls are so impressive that even people from nearby towns and cities come to marvel at them. And this is just the beginning. The locals are equally proud of their cathedral, which was built in its original format almost one thousand years ago.

Like many other places in Spain, Lugo is not short on action. The highlight of which is the San Froilan fiestas, which take place at the beginning of October, attracting thousands of visitors year after year. The festival began in 1754 and nowadays is celebrated with plenty of Galician costumes on show, as well as live music, magic shows and street markets. All in all it is one of the must see occasions in Northern Spain.

Eating out
If it is fine dining you are after, this place does not disappoint. Lying just a short drive from the coast, the local seafood is a delight to behold, with the city especially renowned for its pulpo a feira, octopus cooked Galician style.

Beef dishes are a particular speciality, especially for those with a slightly larger appetite, while having worked up a thirst, the fine wines that the region has to offer will not disappoint either. Known for its young white Alboriños, Galicia is producing some fine reds too and gaining an international reputation in the process.

Whatever it is you want, this city seems to have it all. Amazing architecture, a vibrant mix of fun and tranquillity, not to mention the reputation of having some of the best gastronomy the country has to offer. You will definitely not regret a trip to Lugo.

Getting there
Lugo is equidistant from the airports of Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña, both just 45 minutes away, and with regular low cost flights to the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and other major cities within Spain – so there’s no reason not to visit one of the prettiest historic towns in Spain.

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