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Monday, April 14th, 2014

Galician beach ranks among the best in the world

Playa de las Catedrales, GaliciaThat the Trip Advisor Best Beaches of 2014 list should feature a Spanish beach is not so surprising – after all, mainland Spain and the islands are richly endowed with beautiful sandy beaches and idyllic coves.

However, it may surprise some to hear that said beach is not in Tarifa, Mallorca, Tenerife or the Costa Brava – but in lovely green Galicia!

You see, the Galician coastline is also rich in gorgeous rocky bays and long sandy beaches washed by clear blue water, so the choice would have been a tough one to make.

In the end, it was the stunning Playa de las Catedrales in Ribadeo that people voted 15th out of the ‘world’s 25 best beaches’.  Located in the province of Lugo, a little up the coast from A Coruña, this beach has been described as ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ and ‘not to be missed’.

Galician beachesIt is indeed a very special place, and more than just a pretty beach thanks to the amazing rocky cliffs from which it derives its name. Declared a natural monument, they perfectly frame views towards the horizon and open Atlantic skies, but turn around and you see a gorgeous green landscape extending beyond a broad soft sandy beach.

Like an Irish meadow under clear blue skies, it’s a touch of paradise also frequented by surfers – a typically gorgeous Galician beach near a village but deliciously devoid of high-rise, snack bars and mass tourism…

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