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Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Hallo-wine: 4 scary events that incorporate wine

The wineries take a chance on the Anglo-Saxon Halloween party, as another way to promote wine tourism using activities that combines cinematic aspects


Attract the public to the wineries, allowing people to enjoy the wine culture while it complements good food and, last but not least, encourages ecotourism. The businessmen of the field have taken advantage of all the opportunities to make people aware of their activity and generate a different clientele that strengthens new business paths. In short, they have lost the fear, and now they are even taking a chance on Halloween. Therefore, there will be a party with an Anglo-Saxon theme as this always fills up the agenda with appointments, attracting people of different generations.

The strategy was understood by Bodegas Arráez, winery located in La Font de la Figuera which has more than 67 years of history. The company was run by three generations of family and was a pioneer in the commercialization of its wines, both bulk and bottled, as well as the incorporation of new oenological techniques. Now they aim to lead wine tourism as is becoming popular in the area. On Halloween, it will show a series of short films, titled ‘Horror and Wine’, that includes the works of young filmmakers of the EDAV (Writers of the Audiovisual in Valencia) based on this genre. The experience, how could it not, includes wine tasting and a mystery game so to make the offer of the house known.

In total, this winery in the wine-growing region of ”Terres dels Alforins”, will show six productions on two different days, Saturday the 28th and Tuesday the 31st. The viewing will take place from 23.00pm onwards, as before you will have to overcome what the organisers have called “The nightmare labyrinth”. It is about a horror passageway with five tasks to obtain five keys, which you then use to open the cinema with. Once in, they offer a sampling of the best varieties of Arráez accompanied with snacks. In short, a spectacular production, where the corridors and rooms are decorated to terrify the visitors. It can be booked through the Internet or by telephone (for a price of 7 euros when booked in advance and 9 euros at the ticket office).

Outside of Valencia

Bodegas-FrancoespanolasThe Valencian wineries are not the only ones that decided to take advantage of the “night of the dead” for the benefit of their wines. The “Rioja Wineries” Franco Españolas have celebrated “Hallowine” for several years through theatre suitable for the whole family. This year they present the production “Incorpö”, so that the rooms of barrels, bottles and galleries become a terrifying scenario with sampling of Bordón and Diamante wines. Visitors are asked to blend in with the ghosts that empower the wine in the depths of the cellar, therefore, to come disguised in a costume is perfect. The ticket, which can be brought by phone or e-mail, has a price of 15 euros for adults and 10 euros for children.

Another ecotourism activity is the Valdemar winery in Oyón (Álava), whose “family experience” just won a prize for the National Innovation Award called Best of. Coinciding with Halloween, it takes the concept of horror and adapts it to offer a vineyard tour, the area of inspirational production range, a wine steward for Reserva and Gran Reserva wines – some of them kept in oak barrels- or in a specific cellar for the most special vintage wine. As well as workshops with smells and flavors (coffee, chocolate, liquorice), and includes an appetizer with wine tasting. The premise is as follows: “The Count of Valdemar has lost his magical grapes inside the wine cellar (…) The fearless participants will meet with them at the end of the visit.”

Lastly, the area of Ribera del Duero cannot be forgotten with respect to this new Halloween celebration craze. But on this occasion the plan has not been organized by a wine company, you book it yourself at your own risk. Are you brave enough to book a room in an old stone castle, like the Real Residence of Curiel? It has a wide range of oenological activities, from visits to the most striking wineries of the area, to horseback rides through the vineyards, wine tastings and cycling tours. However, it is also a chilling aspect. Abandoned for many years, it is the oldest in the province of Valladolid. It is full of numerous legends about its past and displays a classic decoration perfect for setting the scene of your nightmares.


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