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Friday, April 20th, 2018

Holiday classics: Cullera

This Valencian locality boasts a great climate, a top landscape and some unique beaches, next to which there are luxury houses with very exclusive features

Is there anyone who hasn’t visited Cullera during their holidays? That’s to say, bathing in the waters or strolling around its beautiful natural environment. This Valencian coastal town is a summer classic for all Valencians, but also for visitors arriving from all over the Peninsula. Located 30 kilometres from Valencia, in the region of la Ribera Baja, it is still one of the most recommended spots to settle in alongside the sea, without worrying about being near services nor living in privacy. It enjoys the natural environment, with the Cullera Mountain opening onto the sea, crossing the Júcar river, and filled with wetland, marshland, and lakes. It also has a strong historical and cultural heritage, on account of its castle, its sanctuary, the lighthouse and the market, as well as the chapels. But if there is something that truly captivates Cullera, it is the beaches of Mareny, Dosel and Cap Blanc, perfect for bathing, sitting and gazing at the sunset, or enjoying a paella in good company.

Rimontgó has some very exclusive properties in Cullera.  Below is a selection of three houses, perfect for a holiday, but also for a quality lifestyle at any moment.

The realm of the sea and the mountains

Want views? Few houses have them better than this villa built in 2005 does, located below a rock mass, which not only provides a privileged view, but also acts as a good shade. It is an important detail, since over its four floors it has up to three terraces, one of which features an outdoor pool.  Within the interior, the spacious living-dining room is highlighted, which connects to a roofed and glazed space, perfect for a relaxing chat alongside the sea views.  Despite its exceptional location next to the mountains, supplying the villa with plenty of privacy, it is found just a few minutes from the centre of the town of Cullera and from its blue-flag beaches in order to enjoy the surroundings.

From the jacuzzi to the bay

Those that prefer a villa, and a more contemporary style, can opt for this exclusive property in the prestigious residential complex of Cap Blanc. The house simulates getting out of the rocks and is surrounded by a spectacular teak wood terrace, which invites you to spend long moments outdoors, where there is also a modern swimming pool orientated towards the sea.  Being situated just opposite the living room means it achieves the effect of fusing the indoor and outdoor spaces. Just as it has some luxury details, it also has a spectacular and intimate sun deck, topped off by a large Jacuzzi from which the best views of the Bay of Cullera can be enjoyed.

Relaxing on the beach

Without going out of the coveted residential complex of Cap Blanc, we have a special property, once again, looking onto the sea.  The whole house is orientated to enjoy the spectacular views, but at the same time has an ordinate and logical layout. There is the first floor with a living room, a kitchen and a dining room, which open onto a spacious gardened terrace with a 22 metre long swimming pool, a chill-out zone, and even an outdoor bathroom. In addition to being modern, the house has an intelligent construction, with the latest generation home automation system, and thermo-acoustic insulation, which is out of the ordinary.  The days in this villa guarantee a sense of well-being, of peace and tranquillity, most of all when you can just lean out from the pool and look towards the beach.



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