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Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Ikea sneaks into Luxury Real Estate

The Swedish firm has just issued their much awaited publication, the 2018 catalogue, and luxury property designers are ready to flick through to extract the best ideas from the low cost sector.

Ikea's 2018 catalogue

For decades now the world of fashion has surrendered to combining haute couture with low cost, to the extent that on the front page of Vogue you can admire garments from Chanel as well as Zara. Now luxury interior design allows for the same trends. When strolling through a high-end villa it is possible to come across the Stockholm print, that lavish zigzagging black and white by Ikea, without an ounce of clashing finishes with the rest of the decor. This is not a case of mansions substituting walnut tables for Lack tabletops or Billy shelving, however there is no doubt that the Swedish retail giant is deploying an interesting strategy to sneak into the imaginary of the best decorators worldwide.

This spirit is present in the Swedish company’s new 2018 catalogue, famous for being the most printed book worldwide, with an edition that exceeds 200 million copies. Dispatched to all mailboxes and being translated into 29 languages, it is difficult for their proposals not to influence international interior design. In the first preview that we have just learnt from the new edition, the focus is on living rooms (thanks to the shipment of armchairs and sofas), but also on pastel colours, reminiscences of the 50’s and even extravagant sets of golden cutlery. Presumably, all of these assumptions will influence the evolution of real estate design, as was the case in its day with the unstoppable propagation of the Nordic style and the return of functionality in homes, also incorporated by Luxury Real Estate.

The strategies that Ikea has developed in order to reach this position in all spheres, no matter the purchasing power, are multiple. From the design lines that they carry out in collaboration with artists, such as those carried out with the architect Teresa Sapey in Madrid Arco, or the firm commitment by the ephemeral store (and temporary shops) in the city centre, so that clients do not have to move to the outskirts. For these latest operations, the choice of location is not a random matter. This spring, the multinational furniture company decided to install their displays on calle Serrano in Madrid, known for being the capital’s “Golden Mile”, where the most prestigious brands in the world can be found.

Strandmon armchairs by Ikea

Do you still think this leap into luxury is a result of pure chance? Ikea showed its appreciation over social media, that Balenciaga designed a bag modelled on their famous Frakta blue plastic bag. The Arena Bag, as it was known, was not polypropylene, but a polished leather; and of course, it did not cost 50 cents, but 1,700 euros. The motivation for a haute couture house by undertaking such a risky design that is already a “pop icon”. There are more: recently the company of discreet Ingvar Kamprad announced their intention to launch there own perfume, that will be designed in collaboration with a special partner: the cult firm Byredo, whose products are never below 100 euros.

The ambition of the furniture company that has revolutionised the panorama, not in Sweden, but worldwide, knows no limits and it is far from seeing the wavering of their reign. As if they have decided to fortify their status as a cultural model through museums. If this was not enough with expositions of each of their centres, in the Älmhult headquarters (Sweden), precisely where they opened their first shop, since last year, it is now possible to visit the Ikea Museum. Different rooms correspond to all phases of the firm, with furniture displays, accessories and compiling’s of the food served in the cafes. Low cost once again soars to worldwide altars, not only in pop culture, but also haute couture, commercial strategy, interior designs and the real estate market.

Ikea's 2018 novelties


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