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Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

The importance of a renovation project

There are homes that fit the buyer’s needs, even if they require changes first, and the renovation project is crucial for customers to imagine it

There is something very positive in the imagination: it has no limits. When someone decides to renovate a property, starts a process, which will lead to design a future life and achieve a high degree of personalization. But it is not always easy to imagine it, especially for those unfamiliar with the sector. In Rimontgó we like to find homes that suit our clients’ needs and give advice about the renovation works, as we did at the beginning of this summer with a German couple who have finally acquired one of the plots in a top location of the residential complex El Bosque (Chiva).

A German neurosurgeon contacted us because he was about to retire and he was looking for a house in Spain. His wife had studied in Santiago de Compostela and was in love with our country. From Rimontgó we made sure that they also got to know the charm of Jávea and, later, of Valencia. They wanted a place where they could enjoy the peace and quiet and where the views were a priority, so we accompanied them to visit a property with a surface area of 1,628 m2 and we invited them to enjoy the pleasure on its terrace. From there, one can enjoy open views of the valley, with the city of Valencia and the sea in the background. Its eastern orientation and its elevated position, allows to benefit from a special microclimate both in summer and winter.

The clients immediately understood that they were in front of a special house, very suitable to their needs. However, the property had been built in the 1990s and was in need of renovation. The couple had no objection in doing any renovation works, especially since the house cost less than half of their budget and this left them plenty of margin to reform, but first they wanted to know how it might look. Rimontgó’s role was to anticipate to this need and help them. We introduce you to one of the best architecture studio in Valencia, Dexeus Gomara, and we help during the design of the project, serving as interlocutors and taking into account the needs of future buyers.

We talk about collaboration and trust; about working with care and patience. It was a meticulous process that, after the changes and adaptations, they loved it. When they got the renovation project, they were completely sure that this was the property they wanted to live in, and only then, with all the parties convinced and happy, did the sale and purchase take place. The couple has let the previous owner stay in the house this summer and has trusted Rimontgó to supervise the work from autumn onwards.

The house is due to be finished in August next year, when both German buyers will be able to start a new life near the Mediterranean.

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