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Monday, October 5th, 2009

Rimontgó records another important private sale

A company that specialises in luxury real estate will have impressive properties on its books, ranging from opulent villas and architecturally advanced homes to panoramic penthouses and properties in outstanding locations. In spite of this, there remains a category within this broad description that can be regarded as the crème de la crème of a region’s real estate offer.

To handle such a property requires a knowing touch, to market it a specialist approach built around a sound network of clients and contacts. In this, confidentiality and discretion are key words, as these are not the kind of properties that can be advertised and promoted in the conventional manner, but rather require personal introductions and the matching of property and interested party.

“What helps in this regard is the fact that such homes are by their very nature highly individualistic and in many cases unique in their characteristics and what they offer,” says José Ribes. “This makes it easier to match them with the often very specific wants of clients who have commissioned us to look out for the right property.”

It is exactly what happened when the firm were instructed to sell a luxurious villa in Santa Barbara, an exclusive residential area in the small town of Rocafort, close to the city of Valencia. Set within the best part of Santa Barbara – a country club environment generally regarded as one of the most desirable in the Valencia region – the home features modern architectural design by renowned architect Ramón Esteve and employs high tech facilities in combination with stone cladding, hardwood panelling and other fine materials constructed with a rare level of workmanship.

“The effect is a home that is as unique and impressive as it is opulent.” In a fine example of the kind of ‘private sale’ that the firm specialises in when dealing with this level of property, a select group of only four potentially interested buyers were contacted and invited for private viewings. “It sounds a simple process but you have to match the home and potentially interested parties correctly to retain the confidence of buyer and seller alike.” The Rimontgó team, however, did their work well and a buyer was found within a month of receiving the instruction. The pursuit of confidentiality in this private sale was such that buyer and seller met for the first time when signing the contract.

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