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Monday, February 23rd, 2015

José Ribes, CEO of Rimontgó: ‘We have a big responsibility to help our clients make the right decision’

José Ribes Bas – CEO of Rimontgó

Recently, Luxury Real Estate, the international association of real estate agencies in the luxury property industry, published an interview with José Ribes, CEO of Rimontgó, within their “Broker Q&A” section. Through this interview, we delved into the professional and personal life of José Ribes.

How did your career in the real estate sector begin?

Rimontgó is a family company, so my career within the business started by following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather, who began building and selling houses on the Costa Blanca in the 1950s. Later on, and with my brother Antonio, through a training period in the United States, we focused on the expansion and internationalisation of our company beginning in 1980.

What path has your career taken in recent years?

I have developed my whole professional career in Rimontgó, such that I have grown in a company that I have known since I was small both personally and professionally. Later, with the passing of time, I broadened my experience into other areas, such as education as I gave classes for a time at the University of Valencia or collaborating with my local government, the Community of Valencia and the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

To what do you attribute the success of your company?

There are various key aspects. The first of which is a great understanding of the market, thanks to a period of more than 50 years in the luxury property business. Secondly, our strong investment into digital marketing (our web pages have been awarded international prizes on various occasions). A third factor is our large portfolio of exclusive properties of proven quality. I also believe that our success is down to the completely personalised attention to detail that we give our clients and that doesn’t end once the deed is signed. In fact, we consider many of our clients as friends, such has the relationship that we have with them extended from merely professional. And we mustn’t forget our important international connections, exemplified in our strong relationships with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Real Estate, Luxury Portfolio, Christie’s International Real Estate or our state as founders of the European Real Estate Network (EREN).

José and Antonio Ribes

What is your favourite aspect of your work?

I think it comes from the fact that the purchase of a house is a situation that only happens one or two times in a person’s life, under very important circumstances, such as starting a family or finding a special place to live after a deserved retirement. For this reason, we have a great responsibility to ensure our clients make the right decision and one that reflects positively on their quality of life. The feeling of a job well done and that the effort has been worth it for me, sincerely, is the best part of my job.

In your free time, what are do most enjoy doing?

As a true Valencian, I love to cook paella with my family on Sundays. Also, I love to go cyling or sailing with my brother Antonio (sometimes we even catch a few fish!). Golf is another sport that I love to play when I have the opportunity.

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