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Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

The Valencian Community retains its appeal for foreign buyers

Invest in properties in the Valencian CommunityThe Valencian Community is the leader in foreign real estate investment in Spain, according to statistics gathered by The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Ministerio de Fomento). Foreign residents invested 1.506 billion Euro in the Valencian Community (1.284 billion in the Alicante Province) during the first six months of last year. On a national level, foreign nationals invested 6.607 billion Euro, which suggests an increase of more than 28% compared to the same period in 2013.

Foreign investment in Spain has consistently grown since 2009, with some of the current figures nearing the levels of investment seen in Spain in the years before the economic crisis. The interest from foreign buyers in Spain’s real estate market is particularly significant in the case of the Valencian Community, and the figures provided by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport further demonstrate the region’s consistent appeal for international investors. The current positive trends, bring back memories of 2011 when the Valencian Community received more than 1.345 billion Euro in investment in the residential market, ahead of Andalusia (1.208 billion Euro) and Catalonia (1.045 billion Euro).

Luxury residential propertiesFurthermore, in the first trimester of 2013, one out of every three real estate transactions was done in the Valencian Community, and turning to the first trimester of 2014, the percentage of operations carried out by foreign citizens in the Valencian Community was positioned very near to 40% of the total, a percentage only exceeded by the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. In 2013 the main countries of origin of the foreign investors in the real estate market in Spain were the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Germany and France.

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