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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Iron bonds

Rimontgó commissions artist Toni Marí to restore one of his sculptures for a client

Toni Marí and Pepe Ribes

Iron is the metal with which men have written part of their history.  A canvas, a paint brush, and a bond. The artists capable of changing its form have a gift for it, as well as having a responsibility, because the stories that are told through the iron figures persist over time. This is the case with Toni Marí, iron sculptor, and creator of bonds. His work is inspired by the person, whether erected, stretched down, but always highlighting the anatomy of the being. This is the case with the ‘diver’, who dives headfirst into the water, that sea which we all come from, in search of finding yourself again. There is a large version of the statue in Jávea, the hometown of the craftsman, and another smaller version located in the house of one of the best clients at Rimontgó.

Villa Juliette, in Santa Bárbara (Valencia), is the house which hides this iron jewel. It is an anthropomorphic sculpture, located on the edge of a large pool which looks as if it will launch itself into the water and supports itself on a natural stone pedestal. The work of Toni Marí was a gift that Rimontgó made to the current owner in summer 2016, when the sale of the property took place. Personal attention is one of the main values of our real estate company, where we like to establish bonds with clients beyond a business relationship, and this results in close friendships that are maintained over the years. We consider ourselves to be one of those cases, where the bond has also materialised, with an element as strong as iron.

House in Santa Bárbara

This story has come about today because Rimontgó asked Toni Marí to restore the piece of work, as it has been affected by the passage of time and its exposure to weather. Although the maintenance is optimum, these sculptures usually require attention from the artist. Over the course of a half day, Marí looked over the iron man with the same dedication that he gave when it was first created. The hands of the craftsman run over the body of the ‘diver’ with precision.  He checks its balance, reviews its outlines, sands down the defects and dampens down the materials, in order to ensure it lasts many more years. Pepe Ribes, co-owner of Rimontgó and personal friend of Marí, with whom he shares his roots in Jávea, accompanied him in this whole process.

The presentation of the sculpture to the seller, from the seller to the owner, and therefore from the artist himself to the daily spectator, who is the owner of the house. To ensure bonds, to create networks. To make friendships as solid as iron. This is the philosophy of Rimontgó, which all the people of its universe also share, with the generosity and willingness to help in order to allow a better legacy.

Toni Marí and Pepe Ribes

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