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Friday, July 1st, 2011

Celebrated 11TH century Italian castle

Turin Hill, Italy — The Castle of Castagneto Po, an estate of timeless enchantment, is recognized as one of the most unique dwellings in Europe. The historic 11th-Century residence is being represented by ImmobilSarda s.r.l.

Located on the slopes of the famous Turin hills, a protected area containing a park as well as a natural reserve, Castagneto Po commands a towering position offering breathtaking panoramic vistas. Surrounded by more than 70 hectares, or nearly 173 acres, of verdant beauty, this historic estate, whose origins date back almost 1,000 years, was destroyed in 1705 and later rebuilt and completed in 1835.

The castle was once home to Carla Bruni- Sarkozy, the First Lady of France. Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, her grandfather, was the founder of Italian tire manufacturing company CEAT. The Bruni Tedeschi family renovated the property into a refined residence as well as a venue for exhibitions and events of special artistic interest.

Characterized by Neo-Gothic lines that were added by its last architect, Ernesto Melano, the building spans 2,000 square meters, or around 21,500 square feet, excluding greenhouses and basement floors. The property contains more than 40 rooms and has been redesigned and equipped with modern amenities including elevators, kitchens and baths, and heating systems.

Many stunning original details remain or have been restored, such as ancient boiseries, marqueteri floors, several hallway frescoes, majestic fireplaces, and fine marbles. This magnificent property stands nestled amid English-style parkland conceived by Saverio Kurten and encompassing 70 hectares, or almost 173 acres. Vegetable gardens, orchards, wide flowered terraces, ancient greenhouses, a caretaker’s house, and a farm building are harmoniously arranged for an exquisite aesthetic. The area is known for its plentiful and fruitful vineyards and farms, which support its many mouth-watering gastronomic and oenological offerings served up by notable local restaurants.

“The grandeur of Castle Castagneto Po, is unrivalled in Northern Italy”, says Giancarlo Bracco, Partner and Founder of ImmobilSarda s.r.l. “We are extremely proud to represent a property of this calibre.”

Boasting a rich provenance, the castle was mentioned in a written document as early as 1019, when Otto William, the son of Adalbert II, King of Italy, donated half the town of Chiasso to the monks of the abbey of Fruttuaria. In 1620 Victor Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, offered it to Count Giovanni Antonio Trabucco, a powerful general of the king’s finance. Between 1500 and 1700, Castagneto suffered several invasions by French armies and was the object of contention in many battles, as it held a strategic position of great relevance to rulers. In the 19th Century, the property belonged to the counts of Ceriana, who brought considerable embellishments to the building. Eventually, the castle passed from the Ceriana to the Bruni Tedeschi family.

“Castagneto Po is part of a portfolio of exclusive properties throughout Italy, which are represented by BRACCO IMS, International Properties, a division of ImmobilSarda s.r.l.”.

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