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Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Local taxpayers offered a helping hand by Jávea Ayuntamiento

Mayor of JaveaIn a move that will surprise and please many local property owners, Jávea Town Hall recently decided to lower the rate of tax in order to help the finances of householders in the town.

From now on the payable rate will drop from 0.657% to 0.617%, which will represent a useful saving to many property owners in the area.

The extent to which people will benefit from this new initiative depends on the date from which they started to pay property tax. Preliminary calculations suggest that a total of 24,599 households will pay less tax in 2012 than they did in 2011, while 12,456 may pay a little more, based on the progressive increase of 2005’s legislation.

Charged with the task of arranging the area’s finances, Oscar Anton of the tax office has acted firmly and decisively to enable local residents to free up some of their hard earned income to boost the local economy. Describing this latest plan as ‘ambitious’, Anton nonetheless still has to deal with pressing local issues such as financing the puchase of car parks and finding 100,000 euros to maintain La Fontana channel, now under the control of the local government.

A great deal of negotiation has resulted, with both Oscar Anton and Mayor José Chulvi working hard to arrive at a tax cut that will help the local population, while ensuring that local services retain their customary efficiency and high standards.

Mayor Chulvi has asked the citizens of Jávea to trust him and his team to make decisions that will bolster the finances of local families, while also allowing the town to keep up its excellent reputation both within Spain and internationally.

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