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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Jon Larrance: “A real estate website should be easy to find and reflect the personality of the company.”

With sixty agents on the streets and a total of 283 sales in January through July of this year, Perry & Co is a leader in Denver (Colorado) real estate.

José Ribes and Jon LarranceTheir history dates back to 1971, when Don Larrance decided to start up a real estate agency that would be much more than just that, it was founded on integrity, service to the community, and maintaining strong relationships with their clients. With the arrival of his son Jon as operations director, the company’s boundaries completely dissipated, in a sense that now they boast thousands of properties in their portfolio distributed across the United States and a clientele that come from all corners of the world.

This is the point where their history converges with Rimontgó. The relationship between both agencies is based, first and foremost, on a profound friendship that unites Larrance with Ribes. As much Jon as José Ribes, director of the Valencian company, have a very similar idea of the real estate business, whose premise is personalized customer service. Both are international partners and they have been working together since 2008 when American clients show an interest in Costa Blanca properties. “The thing that attracts them the most is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Mediterranean lifestyle”, admits the American director. Less common are Spanish clients purchasing properties in the United States, a market  with activity by the Chinese, and Canadians, which has experienced exponential growth despite being in the era of Trump.

A close technology collaboration also exists that has brought Rimontgó’s technological department to design the website of Perry & Co, as well as Renew, the content manager, with what they affirm to have stayed totally satisfied. “When I go to conferences they ask me who is in charge of making it”, assures Jon, who talks in this interview about the results, accompanied by Ignacio Artagoitia, IT manager of Rimontgó. Although Larrance has a particular emphasis on real estate digital strategy, he does not lose sight of the objective: the prestige of the brand that ends up winning the trust of the people.

Colorado with similar websites so we wanted to do something totally unique”.

He acknowledged that one of the strengths of Perry & Co is their website, when did you understand the relevance of this digital showcase and when did you start working on it?

We started with the website nearly 20 years ago, so it was something that we understood very early on. When we saw what Rimontgó was doing from their technical department, the awards that were being recognised, we started to think about what we wanted to do going forward. Their website also had a style similar to what we wanted for ours. So for several years we begged Rimontgó work with us on developing our digital strategy, in addition to our shared real estate sales, and they eventually said yes in 2013.

How was the creation process?

We worked in a synchronized way. From Perry & Co we set out our idea, the technicians were responding with theirs, until each established their place. One of the most important things is that people find the website quickly, therefore that it is well positioned. Additionally once it has been found, that the web page has an excellent appearance and reflects the personality of the company. It is essential to be unique, seeing as many Real Estate websites offer the same, there are hundreds of companies in with very similar websites. The key is being different, and it seemed early on that Rimontgó was doing something different, something much smarter than everyone else, that Perry & Co really wanted to be a part of.

Ignacio: We never considered doing a web translation from Rimontgó to Perry. We could make the most of some of the already developed functionalities. We accompanied them step by step, in a way that they could provide their own ideas, us ours and then arrive at an agreement. Especially looking to adapt it to improve the market and taking into account additional factors, such as in the United States you can work with 30,000 properties on the same website, whilst in Europe there could be 2,000 or 3,000 per real estate agency. Also there are changes in the measuring system, times, and the fact that they have Open Houses… Like Jon said, everything is based on linking positioning and image, since the best website in the world would be worth nothing if it is not easy to find and vice versa.

“The challenge was to make a website that would adapt well to the American market, where they work with 30,000 properties, other measurements and other times…”

How long did it take to accomplish this task?

Ignacio: It is difficult to specify a time seeing as the work is constant. Externally it might be that there are obvious changes every two years, but we are always adding improvements, as much the website like Renew, that is a program supporting the operations.

In parallel to the renovation of the website, we are also undertaking a renovation of Renew. What is your opinion about this work tool for the real estate registry?

Beyond that it allows you to note down activities carried out, the interest resides in the storage of properties. Detailed descriptions and specific characteristics for each one can be added. It allows you to carry out a search of people that have asked for them, when they have shown and a lot more information on the work of the agents. It also filters all the contacts that have been conducted through the website, so the simple result continues with all the digital strategy. We are convinced that it is the best work tool, so instead of looking for another, we are working on making it even stronger and getting the most value out of it. I am sure that this will happen with the next update.

Jon Larrance, CEO of Perry & Co

Is it easy to convince agents to work on these registers regularly?

It is true that sometimes they are focused on outdated technologies, however we continue to insist that they will get used to it and discover all the functionalities. Renew allows you to see at a glance, all the history of a property, as well as the history of a website visitor, and that can be a huge help.In ime I feel like our agents will see all the advantages of using Renew for many more of their needs.

“Before traffic came from loyal returning clients, now we are receiving new clients”

Do you have figures of digital acquisition?

Yes we have detected that, since we have launched with Rimontgó, our figures have increased, perhaps 20% or 30%. Another important matter is that before our web traffic was from our loyal clients, whilst now we can see through Google Analytics that we are getting new clients due to the better positioning. This allowed us to get closer to people that have never been to our website and generate more leads. It has definitely contributed to increasing sales.

Precisely the team has an important weight on the website, so that you can see their photo and know their story. What responded to this decision?

Real Estate in the United States is different: the agents are the reconigsable face of the company. Therefore we try to show this in order to form a better, stronger relationship betweenour agents and our clients. We do not want them to be strangers, but rather friends. It is a work philosophy not common in Spain, but is the same way that Rimontgó does business.

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