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Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Landscaping trends for a garden in 2018

The garden becomes a fundamental element of the house with the arrival of good weather and there is the possibility of transforming it each year in order to enjoy new experiences

Impressive garden in Puzol

At this time of year, houses get ready to offer the best of their potential, especially if they come with a garden.   Since it is possible to open the doors and the windows to access the outside space, life tends to improve both in the interior and the exterior of the property, the architectonical elements disappear and the space becomes much more fluid.  No matter the size of the garden, it is possible to make the most out of its virtues.  From one year to the next, the trends of landscaping are updated and return full of great ideas, which guarantee to satisfy the owners of the plots. Below are some of the recommendations from experts for 2018.

  •  Distinguished areas.  Sometimes you could read in the shade, other times swim in the pool, and if there are guests, gather around the picnic area or the barbecue.  As for the interior of the property, special attention should be paid to the layout of the garden. The most popular areas are those of relaxation and the kitchen, which enhance the possibilities in the house, but its functionality is increased if they are separated by a certain distance.
  •  Game of colours. Whilst the basis of interior design usually comprise neutral colours, such as the grey of the furniture and the textiles, the exterior decoration allows more boldness.  You can opt for bright colours in good weather, as well as fabrics that mimic natural finishings and hone in on the rest of the elements.

Barbecue area and bar with views

  • Oriental or tropical vegetation? Any alternative is valid, it always makes sense. There are impressive houses with large palm tree gardens, likewise there are mansions where the inspiration is clearly oriental.  The important thing is that the vegetation corresponds with the architecture of the house, whether that be traditional or modern, and that it maintains a suitable development in the space, even though there are different areas.
  • Copper and stone. The former will be the natural substitute for the stainless steel since it offers a warmer and more welcoming aspect for the chill out areas of the garden.  And although the latter introduces strength, it can be reduced if we opt for medium tones, instead of using white limestone. The wood loses prominence, although it maintains its alternation.

Tropical garden in Oropesa

Of course, there are many other elements to take into account, from the (N)illumination(N) (the softer, the more appealing), to the design of the pools (the infinity pool especially) stopping by the inclusion of new elements such as the private orchids. Your infinite excitement to enjoy this garden is just like all the infinite possibilities within it.


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