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Monday, June 4th, 2018

The library, a classic which provides added value to the property

Bookshelves are elements which reach the hearts of buyers, whether they take up a corner of the house, part of a room or make up the whole room itself

Mansion in Navellos

A home library is one of the dreams of bookworms, capable of touching the buyer of a property and easing a sale process. First and foremost, it has a charming element, regardless of the space it occupies, whether it is part of a room, or the room in itself, it achieves importance for the visitors. In case you’re thinking of having a reading room, it is a good idea to take into consideration the lighting, as well as the comfort of the furniture and the accessories which it is decorated with, in order to reveal its uniqueness.  This is a space for enjoyment, but also for relaxation, and where personal growth is encouraged.

A classic amongst the classics, it is normal to come across libraries in stately houses where they provide character.  It happens with this prestigious property, which occupies two floors in an emblematic building on Calle Navellos, commissioned in 1880 by the Marqués of Serdañola. The owner requested “a property with an English style, as well as being comfortable” and  a unique work is achieved, made with the best qualities, such as Zuber wallpaper from the Brusnwick brand, or the fabrics acquired from Gastón and Daniela.  Its living room forms a very elegant space and is able to offer a homely feeling, thanks to the fireplace, the wooden paneling, and the bookshelves which frame the various walls, respecting the corners and the door frames, as well as having a large capacity to store books.

Study in San Agustín

Another property with a palace appearance, located right in the centre of Valencia, this time in the Plaza de San Agustín, benefitting from a library amongst its charms. Here the bookshelves are integrated into the study room, decorated with elegant wood, which also connects to a spacious living room, well-lit from the natural light of the expansive full-length windows.  It is a beautiful space, which invites and encourages you to work, but also to reflect and to read. The property was built in 1956, but underwent a complete refurbishment in 2008, therefore it creates the perfect balance of classic taste with modern elegance, achieving the best of both worlds.   Ultimately, it is a perfect family house to live in, with very pleasant communal areas which are completed with the privacy of spaces like this one.  A haven of books, capable of charming future inhabitants.

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