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Valencia Formula 1 Grand Prix

Grand Prix comes to Valencia

This summer the heady, exciting and above all glamorous world of Formula One racing comes to Valencia. While the city does have a racing circuit, the 2009 'European GP' will be held in the streets of this vibrant Spanish city. Other than the classic Monte Carlo GP this is the only street Grand Prix in Europe, and one of just three overall. It could be a sign of things to come in Formula 1, for if F1 bigwig Bernie Ecclestone would have his way, the British and French GPs would also see Ferraris, McLarens, Renaults and Brawns tearing past the famous landmarks of London and Paris respectively. For now, Valencia has that honour, with a specially designed course taking the Formula One stars through the main boulevards that link the stylishly classic part of town with the ultramodern marina area. En route, the cars will be racing against a backdrop of dramatic modern buildings designed by Valencia-born architect Santiago Calatrava...

Thursday, July 9th, 2009