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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

A new life in Valencia

Plaza de la Reina, ValenciaThe couple Mike (United States, 42 years) and Claire (Canada, 39 years), parents of three children (between 3 and 13 years), are clients of Rimontgó. In 2012 they decided to make a change in their lives and leave Denmark, where they had been living up until then. For Mike and Claire, who are used to moving all around the world, changing their home didn’t pose too many difficulties, apart from the move itself and the inherent bureaucratic process of moving. The two have already lived in various cities and countries including London, Montreal, Frankfurt, Zurich, Bahrain and Copenhagen.

Cabanyal beachIn the beginning, the couple toyed with the idea of choosing Massachusetts (Mike has a house there and they often spend their holidays there) or Cape Town (South Africa) as their new permanent home, but in the end, they decided to stay in Europe. As Claire explained, ‘Europe is important to us and our children, most of all in relation to their education.’ Their decision to move to Spain thus did not happen by chance. ‘We wanted a place where we could be in the outdoors more than two months of the year. Spain’s climate is pleasant and the Spaniards are friendly people. Although we knew that it is currently going through a crises, we still believed that there are job opportunities.’

The city of Valencia perfectly matched the necessities and wishes of Mike and Claire. ‘The first time we came to Valencia was during Las Fallas a few years ago’, said Claire, ‘ and we couldn’t have had a better presentation of the city. We saw how people had fun in the streets without causing any problems.’ Mike and Claire also got to know other cities in Spain, but in the end they chose Valencia for various reasons, as Mike himself explains, ‘we didn’t want an enormous city. Valencia is a major city with all types of services and a great cultural, educational and leisure offer. But apart from that, it’s a manageable city that can easily be explored by bike and you’re not too far from anywhere in case you fancy to walk.’

Lonja de la Seda in ValenciaDuring their first visit, the couple went to see different residential developments close to the city, including Los Monasterios, but as they confessed, ‘it soon became clear to us that if we were to move to Valencia, it would be to live in the city.’ About their decision to live in the capital, Mike added, ‘Los Monasterios is obviously a beautiful place to live and ideal for the kids with ample green areas and international schools close by.’ However, there were other factors for Mike and Claire that led them to dismiss residential developments with such a high quality of life. ‘It’s a marvellous area, of course, but we have already lived in places like that before and we were looking for something with more social interaction, more communal life with our neighbours”, Mike added. ‘Claire and I agreed that we don’t need a grand villa in a stunning residential development at the moment. We wanted a home with three bedrooms where we could bring up our children and we wanted to do that in a globalized city like Valencia that has maintained its authenticity. In any case, it is a city very similar to Copenhagen, where we were living the last few years’.

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