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Friday, November 10th, 2017

The luxury of a home cinema

If you are one of those who amass films, for sure you have fantasied about having a cinema room in your house. Well, you should know that some dreams can come true, especially with the adequate space

Home cinema room

The seventh art has some authentic followers for whom sitting in front of a screen is more a liturgy rather than a hobby. The ritual comprises some steps, which have to be carefully followed.  In this case, we refer to a good quality image, the perfect lighting, the surround sound and endless conditions that have to be met so to have a positive impact on the experience. The only way to keep all these aspects under control is to have your own home cinema. Perhaps it sounds like a teenage dream, or even the fantasy of an arty person, however the truth is that it is a hedonism, which many people have decided to enjoy in private. Houses are there to be lived in, but above all, to have fun in, with all the elements that we can imagine.

What is required for a home cinema? In reality, not much. The first step is to find the most secluded room possible to isolate yourself from possible noise, and preferably a room without windows, ensuring total darkness. It’s better if the room has a clear wall. This will allow us to orientate the projector towards it, resulting in an unthinkable resolution, that would beat any television, although, you could get a drop-down projection screen, in which the light is reflected. However, having the best image does not count for anything unless we also have a sound system that works well with the projector and the image. Extras include sofas that guarantee comfort, coffee tables and possibly even popcorn machines, everyone can adapt it to their own taste. Oh, and of course, a good film.

Home cinema in Rocafort

This exclusive private villa located in Santa Bárbara Rocafort, with a swimming pool and private gardens is more attractive than what it seems at first sight. Its qualities are not just limited just to the exterior, but also the interior. The inside of the house flows nicely with the outside, thanks to the spectacular covered terrace, that leads to the interior lounge. Its width of 1005m2 is spread over six bedrooms, a large lounge, a generous sized kitchen and another five multi-purpose rooms. One of which, of course, has been converted into a private cinema. It has a projector of the latest generation, a large screen, a sound system and six relaxation chairs, to live the complete cinema experience.

Other competitors in the battle to provide the best popcorn based evenings is this property with a terrace and a swimming pool in La Eliana, one of the most prestigious residential areas in the province of Valencia. Counting the terraces and sports areas, it has a surface area of 1037m2 spread over various lounges, five large bedrooms, and an office, a large kitchen and a semi-basement area designated for parking vehicles, and family enjoyment with the impressive cinema room which is a completely isolated room with a Chaise longue sofa, without forgetting to mention the unbeatable sound system. The distance to local areas of interest is irrelevant when you have all types of amenities in the comfort of your own home. Unlike a cinema, from your own home, no one will turn of the screen.

Home cinema in La Eliana

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