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Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Luxury Portfolio rounds up the demands of the typical luxury real estate buyer

Luxurious pool with a garden that maintains your privacy

Luxury Portfolio International, a global company that forms part of the Rimontgó group has recently made public its annual report in regards to the luxury real estate market. The report rounds up the typical demands from clients that tend to buy exclusive properties.

When it comes to buying a home, the top priority amongst buyers is that it’s luxury. In fact, the statistics from the report highlight that 25% of Americans aspire to own a property of this kind, with the global percentage at 45%.

Huge, open plan design.

Luxury Portfolio International has an elite group of members that possess at least 3 million dollars in assets called ‘Top Global’. Below are a few points on how this exclusive group meet the demands of the luxury real estate market:

  • They are willing to pay whatever price is necessary to receive the best service.
  • They choose the best and know that the price will reflect this.
  • The people that they are surrounded by deem them to have high standards. Therefore, they demand a certain standard according to the company that they keep.

According to the interviews, the acquisition of an exclusive property is a lifestyle investment that involves emotional aspects also, as it is a decision that will affect one’s future and family life. As highlighted in the report, it’s seen to be an achievement on a personal and professional level. In regards to the emotional aspects, using data from the research group, the study underlines the feeling’s connected to buying a luxury property. Many felt ‘happiness’, ‘good about themselves’ or ‘enjoyment of the luxury space’.

Property with a big pool, set on a large plot of land.

The study sponsored by Luxury Portfolio, also mentions some of the most desired property characteristics from luxury real estate buyers.

  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Up to date technology.
  • Open plan layout inside and ample green spaces outside.
  • Close to all amenities.

Energy efficiency, solar panels and smart home, technology whereby you can control household functions from your mobile device are characteristics in high demand according to the American study. Ultimately, the final two high demand characteristics of a luxury property were: the ability to control home security functions from electronic devices and the presence of technology that focused on self and/or family improvement.

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