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Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Luxury real estate also takes a chance on the curvy

The circular shape design is a trend that comes and goes, but it never dies.

The circle, a perfect geometric figure, which the Greeks were obsessed with squaring the circle. Problem and solution for the mathematicians, friend and enemy for the architects. There are colossal buildings that honor this shape, such as commercial complexes Fang Yuan of Shenyang (China), the Palace of Art, Shabyt (Kazajistán) or the Archeological Museum of Alesia (France). It also includes the Tietgen Dormitory of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University Hospital Skane, Malmo (Sweden) or the unbelievable Placebo pharmacy, in Athens (Greece). It is worth remembering that the world is ruled from one of these variants, specifically the Oval Office of the White House.

The circular buildings are usually subject to controversy, but when the design is erect, there is no room for debate. Some advantages that this construction style offers, already employed by the Mongolians, is its superior resistance to adverse weather conditions. Thereby, they are also more sustainable and they use less materials in the construction process. In recent years, a reversal of the geometric shape has been experienced, that isn’t only used on the building floors, but also in the adjacent features. In the case of gardens and more specifically swimming pools, which flows more naturally.

In the sector of villas and luxury houses, the curvy trend is already a reality and of course, it has reached Valencia. Curved lines, circular perimeters, oval balconies and even foyers in circumference. Now there is a need for the real estate sector to take note of this. Below, you will find two exceptional examples of our catalogue that break the usual patterns.

Open space, closed circle

This exclusive vanguard designed villa is situated in Torre en Conill (Bétera), one of the most prestigious areas in the province of Valencia. One of a kind, it stands out from the rest for its harmony in proportions and the authentic facades, but it is not only highlighted for its image, but also for its functionality. The rounded floors allow you to enjoy the stunning views and it is especially bright thanks to the windows, a spacious effect that is increased thanks to the high ceilings and green gardens. It is valued at more than 1 million euros, is measured at 650m2, and includes five bedrooms and four bathrooms, which provides your guests with a pleasant sensation of space. An ambience never created such a rounded result.

A bath for the senses

The roof that you see hides a swimming pool. Yes, the façade, visible from the entrance and from the balcony, different points of the house and of course, round. The villa is situated on a large private plot, measured at 3,100m2, bordering the golf course in Los Monasterios (Puzol). It is composed of a 14 meter long indoor swimming pool integrated into part of the property, but also boasts many conveniences, such as a main terrace with sea views, an independent apartment in the basement or a garage that holds five cars, furthermore it has an automotive system that controls all the integrated multimedia systems. The price offered is in low demand, but it has been reduced and consequently it is very attractive with respect to the comparable market.

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