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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Modern couples: fewer bedrooms, much more luxury

A family without children needs less bedrooms, but this doesn’t imply downsizing the residence when the remaining rooms can be allocated to leisure

Family today is not what it once was. There are as many archetypes as individuals that decide to share life together. Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, single fathers, single mothers and singles are only some examples of the multiple alternatives. A frequent pattern of late is couples, whom decide not to have children. Already adult professionals, whom generally enjoy a good work position and a high acquisitive level, for those, the traditional market still doesn’t have a satisfactory response. The dilemma that is always brought up is the same: “¿How many rooms do we need when we are actually only two?”

Fortunately, the real estate trends are starting to change. There are many properties, including those situated on ample plots, which opt for a different distribution. That is, to reduce the number of bedrooms in pursuit of other rooms in the house. It could be that they favour a spacious dining and living room, or they prefer having an integrated dressing room and a private bathroom, or even a gym and an office, instead of assigning a space to a room that could rarely be used. Also, on occasions there are those that have a good eye for detail and aesthetics which gives preference over other functional aspects, even though one feature goes hand-in-hand with the other.

A clear example of this new lifestyle is this extraordinary modern style villa in Dénia (Alicante), located within La Sella Golf Resort. It boasts panoramic views to the Montgó Massif, to a 27 hole golf course, to the city of Dénia and to the Gulf of Valencia, therefore it is impossible not to satisfy any hedonist. Even more when the architectural style is distinguished by its straight lines, glass doors and large windows, that completes the interior design with an immense art collection. A house with great taste, a fully landscaped garden and a private pool, where on the third floor entertainment takes precedence over family spaces.

Albeit the house possesses more rooms (only in the right wing there are guest areas and personnel services with three double rooms), the main structure is content with just two bedrooms. The main room a lavished space, distributed over a resting area, two dressing areas and a unique marble bathroom, that also boasts double bathrooms, a shower and a hydro-massage bath. An exclusive concept for a couple that doesn’t skimp on conveniences and also values their own space. In fact, there are also two lounge areas attached to the bedroom for reading or watching television, as well as an open terrace.

The spirit of enjoyment is still present in other rooms of the house, ample and spacious, with access to the exterior in all cases. The sophisticated library on the ground floor features glazed doors which lead onto the terrace and communicates with an ample office and a gorgeous guest bathroom. The left wing on the ground floor also homes a large garage with the capacity to hold five cars, a large acclimatized wine cellar, a gym, a changing area with a shower, hamman and a Turkish bath. If we add to all that the illuminated pool with Teka parquet flooring, the barbecue area adjacent and a surround sound system throughout the property, we understand the priority of the owner is, first and foremost, the high life.

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