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Friday, April 13th, 2018

An outline of the trip to Silicon Valley organised by Rimontgó

The students of the 15×15 EDEM course have had the opportunity to personally get to know the success stories of companies such as Salesforce, HP, Google, and Apple

Students in 15x15 in Chartboost

Silicon Valley is the centre of business talent, so visiting the headquarters of major companies that are based there proves rewarding for any professional. The pupils of the 15×15 EDEM Course have had the opportunity to do this, thanks to the trip organised by Rimontgó and the consultancy firm Bo Growth. Both companies have planned a corporate task that comes to a close today, after five days of visits to the offices of startups and big businesses such as HP and Google.

Talk in Chartboost

The students were taken to The United States last Monday 9th April, and enjoyed a guided tour around San Francisco. The following day, they went to the headquarters of Salesforce, Instacart, Campari, Target Open House and Docusign. The Wednesday included both talks in Chartboost, a company dedicated to the development of mobile applications, and Intrinsic, a start-up funded by the Valencian Christian García in the heart of Silicon Valley.  There was also an opportunity to visit Propelland, Lime-Lab and BBVA, where the chef Jordi Roca put on a show cooking.

With Jordi Roca at BBVA

The tour continued on Thursday at the headquarters of Google and the University of Standford, which were two of the most anticipated activities. In the afternoon, the task members visited the Plug&Play Tech Centre and the Startup World Cup 2018. The intense day came to a close with a networking event, where the students built up interesting contacts.

This Friday 13th April concludes the tour around San Francisco, and it does so in style, with two very interesting plans: the first will take place in the headquarters of Apple and the second in the general headquarters of HP, where the host will be Enrique Lores, chairman of the company and professor in the 15×15 programme.  His cooperation in the trip to the California Spain Chamber of Commerce is greatly appreciated.

Antonio Ribes at Google

A unique experience that culminates the training of the 15×15 EDEM Course, celebrated since 2006, and established itself as a referent amongst high-level businessmen in the field of commercial strategy. Different members of Rimontgo’s Board have taken part in such courses over the twelve editions so far, amongst them Antonio Ribes, who has been the main driving force of the Silicon Valley trip.

Students of the 15x15 Course

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