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Monday, September 25th, 2017

Palm tree gardens or how to be the owner of paradise

A property in Benicàssim, boasts up to 121 palm trees of 63 different species.

Who hasn’t dreamt of a long holiday in a tropical paradise? Afternoons spent listening to the sound of the stream of water, swinging in a hammock, under the shade of an enormous palm tree. Not even the end of summer can take that innocent dream away from us. Well then, you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to enjoy such a privilege, without the need to travel hundreds of miles, or go into an unknown territory. Some properties boast gardens that transport you directly to the Garden Of Eden. Although few are well designed and kept as this house in Benicàssim, that has more than a hundred palm trees of 63 different species in its plot, what makes it a unique place in the very heart of the Mediterranean coast.

A place like this does not happen overnight. Palm gardens are a place dreamt by many, but only a few are able to make this a reality given the painstaking attention in the execution. First of all, one must imagine the result, even drawing it on a paper, and then move onto the plantation. This stage doesn’t consist of just spreading the seeds, but it involves the preparation of the land, the installation of an appropriate irrigation system and choose the varieties that will be disposed in each section while attending to their botanic requirements. Finally the palms can be planted and the ideal time is, as could not have been otherwise, the spring.

The current owner of the Benicàssim house has destined years to plant different species of palm trees, to the point of becoming a genuine expert in the subject matter. Thus, the garden features five varieties of Levistonas palm trees and five types of Sabal, even though the main varieties are the Phoenix (Canariensis, Dactylifera, Reclinata, Roebelenii, Rupicola and Sylvestris) and the Syagrus (about 22 romanzoffiana, one schizophylla and another coronata amara). There are other varieties such as Archontophoenix, the Brahea, the Buttias, the Mowea, the Washingtonia, Cycas, Ravenea, Chamaerops or Bismarckia, amongst others. In total, 121 palm trees of around 20 different varieties which are distributed in lush groups in order to create different atmospheres. However, all of them coexist to create a unique area in the Valencian Community.

When the landscape and palm trees work together, the result can be spectacular. In this exclusive villa, situated in one of the best plots of the residential complex Torre Bellver, the vegetation of the garden and the views of the Mediterranean sea blend together. The land is completely flat and, in addition, it opens onto the sea and a natural mountain park; an idea that seems impossible but it’s not at all. We are talking about 2,300m2 of plot, of which 395m2 correspond to the villa and 219m2 correspond to the terrace, where there is a barbecue area and a swimming pool. The rest is made up of a beautiful garden, where the trees acquire an importance inseparable from the personality of the house.

Even though the outdoor spaces are worthy of admiration, the interior does not lag behind. The first floor of the property consists of six large rooms and five bathrooms together with the kitchen and the living room. The upper floor which can be accessed via a staircase, leads to a multifunctional room that can be used as an office or as an additional bedroom. A very special feature of the house is that from most parts of the property, you can enjoy the views of the coast of Benicàssim, as the exclusive residential complex of Torre Bellver boasts an unbeatable position. Less than 29 kilometers away from Castellon and easily accessible via the motorway, you will find the entrance to this tropical paradise. Those who are willing to start the adventure will rest under the best shade in the Valencian Community.

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