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Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The past always comes back

The charm of the stately houses of the Valencian countryside will never go out of fashion and these three properties are about to tell you why

“New” does not always mean better. A lesson learnt by those that appreciate a house built with proved quality materials, underpinned with woodwork features, decorated with pieces of old crafts. The past always comes back, something which is demonstrated in the properties below, that share the charm of the experience. With elements like wood or ceramic, the stained glass or the tiles, nevertheless, they have managed to integrate everything in a functional way so that their owners do not have to lift a finger. To live between jewels of different times, as well as being surrounded by luxury, is a fantastic feeling that can be achieved without leaving the Valencian Community thanks to the for sale villas below.

An orchard in your house

Built in 1888, this detached house was completely restored in 1992, but has not lost its  ancestral character. It can be found in the centre of Godella town, that combines the urbanite proximity, the façade of the property, that faces the town hall with views of the back of the Valencian Orchard, and the known Moncada ditch. That said, it comes with a drawbridge that allows you to cross the field from your own garden. In the large plot of more than 2.500m2 there are large gardens, a private swimming pool and an adyacent traditional patio the, from which you can access the main building spread over three floors. Here, the classic flooring has been preserved and the wooden beams have been maintained, conveying the strong Valencian character.

Heritage value

The landis an area which defines the city of Valencia, as well as housing mansions.  An example of this is this stately property dating back to the end of the XIX century, situated in the exclusive town of Rocafort, which represents a visual appeal with its 500m2 of floor area, from the design of the garden to the well thought-out tiled terrace, the magnificent marble decoration, wood and panoramic window tiles. The interior of the house is spacious and fresh, thanks to the natural light that brightens all the rooms, with gently plastered walls and noble woods carefully placed on doors and frames. Despite it being protected by the national heritage, this 6-bedroom and 4-bathroom property can be renovated, which is reflected in the very attractive price.

A place for the senses

Old tiled floor, high ceilings with creative mouldings and an indoor carpentry of an admirable quality are just some of the features of this exceptional property that, away from its façade, pays tribute to the Valencian tradition. Located in Benimamet, a district that is very close to the city of Valencia with a large plot of 1741 m2. The property itself consists of 506m2, which is spread over a large lounge, a traditional kitchen, five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The garden is well-established, with a parking area for cars and a “paellero” (a typical barbecue area), that allows you in indulge in hedonism. And, like any antique house, it has its own secrets:  more specifically, a basement level where there is a recreation area and a very exclusive wine cellar, surrounded by stone that guarantees quality moments in the best company.

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