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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

La Granadella, green oasis on the edge of Javea

The cove at La Granadella, JaveaOne of the most popular beaches amongst those in the know, La Granadella is a secluded little seaside paradise in the midst of its own protected parkland area. This cove, situated a short drive from Jávea, lies on the extension of the coastline just past the cape of Cap de la Nao, which juts out in the Mediterranean in the direction of the Balearic Islands.

The spot, where the rugged cliffs and coves turn southwest from Cap de la Nao, forms the southernmost part of Jávea. Continue further south along the shore and you arrive at other famous coastal resorts such as Moraira, Calpe and Altea, but here in La Granadella the catchphrase is peace and natural beauty, for apart from a captivatingly rugged coastline the area is marked by an expanse of untamed pine forests and natural Mediterranean maquis heather.

La Granadella Beach, JaveaThis protected area wraps La Granadella in its green embrace, and it is the soft pine forest that you drive through to get to the cove itself. Leaving Jávea you head for the pine-clad hills on the south side of the valley, passing through lovely wooded residential areas before descending into the greenery of the Parque Rural La Granadella. The valley squeezes through a little gorge before opening up into a private little cove right out of a picture postcard or TV travel programme.

Loved by those who know how to get here, La Granadella has all the charm and secluded beauty of pirate’s Caribbean hideout, far removed from large crowds and organised tourism. In its place there is a quaint row of fisherman’s houses now often used by holidaying families. At the end of the row are some of the best fish and seafood restaurants in the area, offering honest to goodness fare without any need for frills.

Indeed, the spectacular setting is all the décor you need, though beachgoers should be warned that La Granadella has a stone beach, not a sand one. While perfectly comfortable to lie on if you bring towels or deckchairs, it makes walking around without flip-flops a bit of a challenge – not least when you’re trying to get in and out of the water. The effort will be well rewarded once you’re in the aquamarine waters of the cove and the sandy cliffs rise up around you. Cool, refreshing water and a stunning setting in which to bathe are accentuated by the ease with which the saline water keeps you afloat.

Colourful fishermens houses, La Granadella, JaveaFor all its small cove charm La Granadella is very well facilitated, its 200-metre long beach kept safe by a lifeguard and Red Cross team. At the far end of the beach there is a little ramp from which small boats and jet skis can be launched, though these occupy a special lane kept at a safe distance from sunbathers and swimmers, and demarcated clearly by buoys. As pleasant a place to visit by boat as it is to discover on foot, La Granadella beach is not the only attraction, as is attested to by two specially designed hiking paths that follow the mostly gentle slopes and undulations of the cliffs and surrounding countryside.

As the latter is protected by law, it offers a perfect picture of the natural vegetation and look of the region, with the area’s intense diversity of unique floral species providing an additional point of interest. Overhead, sea and land birds compete for your attention, as cliffs and capes form a natural point of attraction, especially when combined with a natural park environment such as this, but for all this there are some lucky souls who can call this privileged part of the Costa Blanca home. While not actually located within the cove, the small but exclusive urbanisation of La Granadella overlooks it from atop the cliffs, offering a perfect setting that backs onto other luxury villa suburbs such as Costa Nova and Torre d’Ambolo, but has a window to a world of coves, blue skies and azure waters.

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