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Friday, July 25th, 2014

Real estate: the best investment opportunity

Luxury villa with viewsLocation and a quality product are two of the most important variables when investing in exclusive real estate. To these two factors, however, we can add a third: the price. The resulting product is high-profile real estate, one of the most highly-recommended options when making an investment in our country.

Spain is home to prime locations which are sought-after by investors, such as regions on the coast and the best districts in large cities. For example, the geographical area comprising the Costa Blanca, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, includes towns such as Altea, Dénia and Jávea, which boast remarkable, prime developments, such as Balcón al Mar and La Mezquida. These luxury real estate products bring together design, quality and privacy, and offer many advantages.

Bright, open-plan interiorMajor Spanish cities, such as Valencia and Madrid, are also very in-demand destinations, and are considered prime locations due to the large amount of high-quality properties on offer. This is the case with streets in Valencia which make up the Eixample district, or those surrounding the City of Arts and Sciences, such as Av. de Francia, while an example in Madrid would be the El Viso neighbourhood. We must not forget, of course, residential areas on the outskirts of these cities, located near internationally-prestigious schools, such as Campolivar, Santa Bárbara and Los Monasterios (Valencia), and Las Rozas in Madrid.

In recent years, the economic crisis has caused a drop in real estate prices (particularly in the luxury property sector, in which this decrease is estimated to be at an average of 20%) but, according to all predictions, the market is now stabilising and this could lead to a turning point in which prices begin to rise, especially in the aforementioned areas. This changing trend in the real estate sector, in the interest of a future recovery, could start to take hold in the next few years, meaning that an investment in luxury real estate in the medium term could represent a great opportunity to obtain a profitable return.

Exclusive villa with garden and poolAnother factor to take into account when buying a house in the exclusive, luxury property sector in our country is the importance of foreign investors. German, Dutch, Belgian, French, Italian, Scandinavian, Russian and (following the passing of the ‘Entrepreneurship Law’ in September 2013), Chinese investors, are some of the most active nationalities buying high-profile real estate property in our country. What do these international investors find when investing in the Spanish real estate sector? As well as the previously-mentioned properties which combine an attractive price with a prime location and quality design and build, these foreign investors also benefit from prestigious healthcare services, a favourable tax system, excellent international schools and universities, and a quality of life that is internationally-renowned as the highest in Europe. The latter is based, amongst various favourable factors, on a combination between an exceptional climate, gastronomy, coastline, culture and history.

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