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Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

The quality of olive oil in Spain draws the attention of ‘Country Life’

The British publication talks to Purificación Mancebo, who is responsible for the area of wineries, vineyards and olive estates at Rimontgó Invest

Olive branch

The British magazine Country Life has published an article in its May edition, under the title ‘Healthy Harvest’, where it talks about the leadership of Spain in olive growing both for its quantity and its quality. The text reveals how this activity had captured the interest of investors all over the world, which is based on  the declarations of Puri Mancebo, who is in charge of the area of Bodegas, Vineyards and Olive Estates at Rimontgó Invest, from the office in Valencia.  The department of the company, intended for the management of unique goods and business development, manages various properties with olive plantations.

Throughout the report it is stressed that in the healthful properties of olive oil, whose production is distributed over all the Mediterranean area, but in which Spanish is the leader.  25% of the surface area of olive trees in the world is found in Spain, according to data from the Organización Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español (Spanish Inter-branch Organisation of Olive Oil). There exists up to 28 Designations of Origin (DO) which are particularly concentrated in the south and the east of the Peninsula, with the emphasised regions being Andalucía, Cataluña, and the Community of Valencia.  Although the product is focused on the natural distribution and consumption, Italy, the USA, France, Portugal, the UK and China accumulated 70% of the exportations in 2016.


Recently we talked about the cultivation of olive trees had become the ultimate incentive for investors in villas.  As explained in Country Life, they don’t always aspire to become “large oil barons”, but they simply like the idea of producing their own and come into contact with the environment which surrounds them. It is a new healthful lifestyle.  “The main difference with respect to the production of wine is that you don’t need such a big investment nor such an intense workload”, explains Mancebo. The producers of oil do not require a winery, but that the olives are taken to cooperatives to be pressed and bottled.

At Rimontgó, properties that are orientated towards the cultivation of olive trees are managed. One of them is an olive grove with a historic farmhouse in Segorbe, valued at 3.2 million euros. It has a plot of 120 hectares, when olive trees are cultivated, but also almond trees and fruit trees.  The olive groves come in two varieties, the olive Arbequina and Arbosana which enables the production of high quality oil, which after it is sold to gourmet shops and to prestigious restaurants in Valencia.

Estate in Segorbe

Another example mentioned in the article of the magazine is an estate with a modern country house in Fontanars dels Alforins, valued at 2.5 million euros and also managed by Rimontgó, which is an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s in the Peninsula. The house is of recent construction, having eight rooms and has leisure areas intended for life in the exterior, such as a large pool and a picnic area with barbecue. The company also has other properties where the production of oil is a key activity and with many future possibilities.  Also common are villas with large plots where grapevine combines with olive tree, whose identity is completely confidential.



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