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Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Rimontgó plays an active role in the new international EREN conference

Views of Lake Lugano and Monte San SalvatoreA new international conference will take place on the 5th and 6th of November in the Swiss city of Lugano, bringing together managers and representatives of those companies that form part of the European Real Estate Network (EREN), a network specializing in exclusive residential property, focusing on the European market.

This new international conference, that previously has taken place in the city of Valencia, will have the company Wetag Consulting as its host. The beautiful scenery around the Lugano and Maggiore lakes will set the scene and play home to the meeting tables where the current state of the luxury real estate market will be discussed and analysed.

The conference will kick off with a statement from the Board of Directors, made up of Giancarlo Bracco (Immobilsarda SRL), Ueli Schnorf (Wetag Consulting) and José Ribes, Director General of Rimontgó. Over the two days that this new date promoted by EREN takes place, Eric Bryn, the managing director of EREN and Assistant Professor in Social Media and Digital Marketing at the University of Loyola (Chicago), will be part of a meeting with Daniele Bianda (Chief Executive of the communications and marketing company Positioner, specialising in the sector of high class hotels) and Ignacio Artagoitia, head of the Communications Technology team at Rimontgó.

Members of EREN in ValenciaAmong the topics that will be put forward at this international meeting are the relaunch of the new EREN website, developed by the IT team at Rimontgó, as a key factor in the digital marketing development of this network, as well as the inclusion of a new member into EREN that will contribute to strengthening the prestige of the institution, namely the Catalan consultant Amat Immobiliaris.

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